Conor On Tigers And Sheep

19 November 2013

Currently there is somewhat of a new model obsession at BBG HQ, which comes in the form of Conor Doherty at Elite Models London. We gave you a sneak peek of his stunning editorial "What My Parents Taught Me" photographed by Cecilie Harris recently, and found that the interview Cecilie did with him was just too good for you all to miss out on. Cecilie has also given us a rather spectacular treat that has never been seen before - some exclusive outtakes from the shoot. Below we see Conor being the typical teenage boy that he is, hanging in his local skate park and climbing everything and anything he can find.

If you want to see Conor's editorial in full, then get yourself a copy of our fifth issue "Lessons" here which is out now!

Hi I am Connor Doherty, I'm 17 from West London and I'm with Elite Models London. Today we are shooting for Boys by Girls issue number five! Oh that's ten... I put up two fives.

Excellent. Do you want to talk a little bit about the story we are doing today?
What is the story?

Oh ok, we are shooting me today. The location is my house, I guess to portray my character and boyish charm.

How would you describe your character?
Loud and obnoxious at times. I don't know; a bit silly, mischievous.

What are the good sides to Connor?
If you catch me on a good day in a good mood, I'm quite caring. I have good manners, always hold the door open and stuff like that.

And what are your mischievous bits?
The list is endless! Nah, not too bad actually. Just messing around with friends, always sorta being the silly one, creating chaos.

You mentioned a word before. You were the clown?
The clown? Yes, I am the clown. If everyone is behaving, I sort of want to get everyone in a silly mood and mess around. Life's a joke, I just want to mess around a little. haha

I love that! This issue is called "Lessons", and it is about learning as you're growing up. What have you learned from your life?
From work I've learned not to go out the night before a job, especially not to a party or a club. Always show up on time, because you want to book regular jobs with good clients. I'm only 17 so I'm still working things out, so hopefully I can afford to learn from a few mistakes. Hopefully something snaps in my brain soon and says "Right, that's it. Time to grow up now. Stop growing sideways."

What sort of personal lessons you've learned in your life?
A tiger does not loose sleep over thoughts of his sheep. We shouldn't be worried about what others think of us so much.

What have your parents taught you?
I like breaking rules, that is just me. It's like a system inside of me, it feels the need to break rules when there are rules or boundaries set. But it is sort of dying that little bit of me inside, and I'm growing up a bit. My motto is "sleep when you die; you aren't going to die remembering all the great nights of sleep you had. You want to go out with a bang".

What are your loves?
My loves? My love is for everyone, I love everyone. I just got into skateboarding again, I used to do it in the summer. I want to start playing the drums again as well.

Are you good at skateboarding?
I was never amazing. I could move around a stuff. Since the sun is shining again, I thought why not? When I was younger I used to bang out sports non-stop; Football and rugby, every single day - it was my life.

What kind of music are you into?
Depends what mood I am in, I've been asked this so many times! Most of the time it's like beats or like, drumming bass sort of shit. If I'm just chilled out with my mates I'll just be listening to a bit of summer time hip hop. If I'm clubbing or at a rave, drum & bass, that sort of stuff. But if I'm feeling all sorry for myself like "oh the world hates me", I listen to like indie music.

It understands you!
Nobody understands me, man! Haha

Do you ever feel like that?
No, I just take piss at the people who do.

Do you have any last words for Boys by Girls?
It was lovely shooting with you once again! Hopefully we get to shoot again soon, and hopefully we do issue number 6 next year!

We hope so too, Conor. We hope so too.

Photography & "Lessons" Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Annie Ounstead.

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