Cigarettes And Potatoes

3 June 2014

During her shoot with Joey Rogers (Supa Model Management) our Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris took the opportunity to chat to him about everything that makes him Joey. We know you want to see more beautiful images of this handsome Supa boy, feel free to check out the sneak peak at his beautiful editorial from the pages of our latest issue, “The Truth About Boys”.

Welcomed with the usual Joey charm that we remember fondly from Boys by Girls Faces of Summer shoot. After shooting Joey at his London home, Cecilie sat down with him to tell us a little bit about himself and his many talents, working both in front of and behind the camera on many different exciting projects and of course he had to tell us about his three obsessions: tea, potatoes and cigarettes.

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Tell me a bit about yourself.

Hello there I’m Joey, nice to meet you. This is my room this is a pillow, this is my environment. I'm really into films and art. I like to collect vintage and old weird things, heres a dictograph. It has been in the family for years, doesn’t work. That's what today has been about, capturing who I am. Shall we make a song about who I am as a person? It's a really good thing to capture people in their houses, I think it is important as models are usually blank canvases. To see who they are as people is a beautiful thing. I've seen some things she's done before, I say she I mean Cecilie. She has a name as my mother always said. Today has been fun lots of Hobnobs and tea.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Talk a bit more about your interest in film.
Def, I shoot film. I have a documentary coming out at an American film festival soon, which is amazing. That's at the end of March. It's about this guy called John-Jo. He is a fisherman who lives in the Hebrides. We went out there, got really drunk with loads of Scottish people at this wedding, heard whispers of this John-Jo and things happened from there. We were like who is this famous John-Jo and we ended up knocking on his door he told us to bugger off but then we took him a present and he let us in. We were like ‘yes we made a new Scottish friend named John-Jo". My main thing is documentary making, I also love writing scripts.

What was the present?
We took him this magazine of old ships, he just really loved it. Well, I think he loved it. He let us in, well he left the door a jar and just carried on walking and we followed. He could of been an axe murder. He wasn't so that was good. I did that with my cousin Nick and friend Claire. It was so fun. I’m shooting a film next week as well, I just love film, I think it is the most beautiful way of really capturing a person or personality. I am also writing and making a film I wrote called Torn. Hopefully it works.

What is your all time favourite film?
It is hard because I always look at film from the importance of what it does culturally, and I love film anyway for just pure entertainment purposes. But films that have really made a mark historically and culturally I find really interesting. “The Kiss” which is an 1896 film, was the first film to ever show sexuallity. It was showed a kiss like “mwah” and they all went to prison for it. You should check it out its pretty good. Also I like films that have also changed cinema, so Frits Sans for example, directed Metropolis in 1928, is amazing as its one of the first dystopian films. They use the Manhattan sky line as the idea of the future. How we are going to start building up and all this other horrible stuff. That's wicked.

What makes you happy?
Family and family gatherings. I have a few younger cousins, and it is amazing to see them growing up with us, its really quite a beautiful thing - like bloody little flowers, beautiful flowers. Its just nature I think, not to sound like too much of a conscious poet. but I do think, that the world is pretty amazing, people tend to moan about too much when we’re quite lucky people. if you feel like moaning you should look in the mirror and you’ll realise that you’re quite lucky, the fact that you have a mirror is pretty cool.

Thats really true though, what makes you sad?
What makes me sad? I’m not really a sad person, I suppose, loneliness, true loneliness. When I first moved to London, I was in a flat by myself and I had no one that I knew it was really strange to walk out my house everyday and know that I’m not going to go see anyone and that I was going to go home to an empty house. I was there for six months, I obviously made friends in those six months I’m not weird. But I think the idea of just being alone, truly alone is a horrible thing. That scares me actually. The idea that I could be alone when I’m older. I don’t like that idea.

What do you think you’ll be like as a 50 year old man?
I think I am a 50 year old man. I think I’ll be pretty much the same, Maybe I’ll have kids and then I can just sort of give them shit wisdom. wisdom about the birds and the bees i think. I’ll force literature and music upon them and cinema,like a lot of it. we’ll have Daddy Sunday’s, which sounds a bit sinister but we’ll just watch lots of films, eat chocolate and drink tea.

If you were given a budget to make a big blockbuster movie, what would you make and what would it be called?
Well I want write this film , a comedy about, it might be a shit idea, but its this comedy idea of this guy. it’d open out on this vegetable, its on an allotment and theres this allotment award for who can grown the biggest vegetables and theres this man who he’s known, he’s notorious for growing the biggest vegetables and he has these carrots and there huge and it cuts to this guy getting first prize, this little hipster guy and the guys really angry, sitting there seething and he's looking over there and he goes on a rampage and kills this man the little hipster. so be buries this hipster under his vegetable patch and the vegetables start growing huge off of human nutrition and then he’s like, wow I’ve found this new way of growing huge vegetables and he goes on a rampage killing loads of youngsters his old wives friends and starts growing these huge vegetables which eventually start growing to be vegetable humans and start attacking him but i haven’t really progressed on that thought. maybe thats silly, maybe its not I reckon its be a pretty good film.

I support you Joey I’m excited to see the script.
I haven’t written it.

Talk to me about your two addictions cigarettes and jacket potatoes, or just potatoes.
I have a serious jacket potato addiction, I basically eat them three times a day. I think its because I’m Irish, and its in me to like them. Maybe I’m still sad from the famine and I’m just trying to get as many as I can before it happens again. I just love the taste. I think its the best, you wack them in the oven when you wake up in the morning you know. Its cold, but you get your jammies on go upstairs and put jacket potatoes in and then you go have your shower, you do your shave you know whatever you want. You moisturise if that's your thing. You don’t have to do anything to them, you don't have to cut them, you get them in your hand and you can eat them, straight away. My granny lives on a farm in Ireland and she bakes jacket potatoes to keep them in her pockets so she has warm hands all day while she's walking along the fields. It's like the original hand warmers.

I need to start using this on models who are cold.
Just jacket potatoes, they stay warm for so long! It’s brilliant. you bake jacket potatoes, big f’ jacket potatoes you're sorted. They are warm for like 4 hours, if you're cold in the winter. Wack them in your bed. You might get pretty messy but you'll be warm. Maybe not. Yeah, also cigarettes, tea and potatoes.
1. Potatoes. 2. Tea. 3. Cigarettes.
Thats my three addictions. I suppose maybe coats, I’ve got quite a lot of coats. I actually have 22 coats. Is that a coat addiction? I have like one pair of jeans, like three t-shirts and then loads of coats. One for every occasion.

Whats your favourite coat?
I don’t have one. Maybe that brown one, which is so warm.

Special thanks to Impossible.
Interview and instant analgoue by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Cat Wilding.

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