Christopher And His Cobra

8 October 2013

Christopher McCrory at Supa Model Management is everything you want a model to be - gorgeous smile, beautiful features, hilarious personality and effortlessly cool. Needless to say he certainly brightened up our morning. Christopher is brand new to Supa after getting scouted whilst relaxing at the end of a hard day at Parklife Festival this June.

During his visit we realised we simply couldn't wait to not find out a little more about, so we sat him down and grilled him on his talents, pet peeves, most beloved musician and dream job. We hope to see more of this talented Mancunian soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Where did you get scouted Christopher?
I was at Parklife Festival. I was on the floor and some woman came over to me and asked if I wanted to be a model, so naturally I said yeah. Haha I was a bit drunk to be honest, which is why I was on the floor.

That’s hilarious. Can you describe yourself in three words?
There are just so many haha. Sexy, funny (the whole office bursts out laughing) and charming.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Other than modeling what else are you interested in?
Clothes, making clothes, taking photos, music., just the usual.

Making clothes?
Well, I’ve got all my designs ready and printed.

Wow, what kind of stuff do you design?
It’s more like streetwear, urban stuff. I’ve got one that's like the brand name there (he points to the top left of his chest), then a massive Cobra on the back.

A Cobra! Ahh I like that, that's fun! What’s the brand name?
Black vine.

Nice name. And you’re into photography as well?
Just how you can capture a moment with a photo and that a photo can tell a thousand stories. I don’t know, just like back in the day they didn't really have photos and I just think we’ve come a long way. Now we have a camera on everything, like on an ipod. It’s cool.

What makes you happy?
My friends, music, I love music and my little sister. I love her.

That is so lovely. If you could go to dinner with any musician dead or alive who would it be?
Azealia Banks.

Oh I love her. She’s hilarious!
She’s so good! She’s just real. She doesn’t fuck about. She doesn’t care, which is how the majority of people should be, but sometimes they’re not. (He leans in and whispers) sometimes they’re fake.

(We laugh) What is your biggest strength?
I would say my will power. Like if I want something, I’m just really focused on getting it. Even if it’s something embarrassing I’m not arsed, if I want to do it,I’ll do it.

And you’re biggest weakness?
....I don’t have one.

(We both burst into hysterics) What would your dream job be?
To be able to sing, but I can’t sing, so it’s just a dream.

Do you play any instruments?
I used to play the guitar, but now it’s been on my wall for like 10 years.

What is you’re biggest pet peeve?
People that moan about their lives, but do nothing to change it. Just constantly moan and you try to give them advice and they don’t listen. They feel sorry for themselves.

If you met yourself at a party - do you think you’d get on?
Yeah. Haha - that’s fucking amazing.

How do you think the conversation would go?
One of myselves would probably crack a joke and it would go from there.

Where would it end up?
Dunno, dunno - probably fighting over somebody.

If you could give us one piece of life advice what would it be?
Stay happy and keep going. Don’t give up.

Fantastic. Well we completely agree, thank you so much for brightening up our morning Christopher. We hope to work with you soon.

Words by Annie Ounstead.

Christopher Polaroid
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