Charlie Mills On Being Naughty

18 September 2012

Charlie Mills at Premier Models was one of our "12 Faces of Summer 2012." After talking to and photographing him for our Faces of Summer series, we just had to get him back to photograph him again and find out some more about him.

Check back soon for the new portrait series with Charlie.

Read on to find out how he felt about the group shoot, his love for Twitter, and his nice and naughty sides. Will he be on Santa's naughty list or nice list? We're intrigued.

Polaroid from day of the "12 Faces Of Summer 2012" shoot by Cecilie Harris

Hello again Charlie, we adore that you're around again! How did you enjoy the Boys by Girls "12 Faces of Summer" shoot?
It was really fun! We kinda felt like we were in school cause we were such a big group of boys and everyone had really smart outfits and we were calling Cecilie Miss. That was the funniest thing, like “Miss, when’s lunch?”

We take the blame for dressing you up like schoolboys....
Yeah, we looked like we were from Eton or something. It was really, really fun. Going to the park was really cool, cause there was such a big group of us, and everyone would go off and shoot their bit and come back for the group. And we were playing games and stuff. We were playing this game, it was like, start with a letter and say a band, and then we started making up our own bands. So it was D and we’d said all the bands we could think of, and then we were like “…Decathlon!” Everyone got on really well which was quite cool. Everyone was talking to each other, adding each other on Facebook and Twitter, it was really cool.

Good casting from the photographer clearly haha
Yeah, photographer was amazing, can’t fault the photographer on that one.

And then we called you back to get more photos of you
Yes, today was really good. I’d never been in Cecilie's car park before. The "famous" car park.

Did you enjoy it?
Yeah I liked that shoot, it was really good. I got to keep my hat on.

We like your hat. It gets 10 points.
Does it? Like 10 points out of what?

Oh you don’t know the 10 point game. It’s like when you do something good, you get 10 points. This is a special Boys by Girls game. We're not sure it's actually any good.
Oh, do you? You should do it with a star chart. Or house points.

What are your three favourite things in the world?
I think my three favorite things would be reading, when I'm bored I always have a book. I'm currently reading 'The Hunger Games", it's great. I also love music, whenever I'm at home, I’ve always got my headphones in. I love Italian music and songs with deep meaningful lyrics in them. My favourite song is 'Old School' by Hedley, they're not a huge band, but they're insanely good! And my 3rd would have to be sleeping haha. I think secretly that's everyones favourite.

What kind of music are you into?
I’m into so many different things, but I’m into like, Italian music.

Italian music?
Yeah Italian, I’ve forgotten what it’s called, I’ll check my phone. Like slow Italian music, from the ‘50’s, sung in Italian. I think it’s wicked. (He plays us some)
But on the other hand, I also love music like this. (Starts playing Ridin Dirty by 50 Cent). I always play it in my mum’s car whenever I’m with her. Put the windows down and play that music.

Is your mother cool?
Oh I love my mum, she’s absolutely wicked.

Is she proud of you?
I hope so. I don’t know, maybe. haha

Why should she be proud of you?
I don’t know, cause she’s raised an amazingly kind son.

It keeps coming back to this kind thing, we feel.
It’s the only thing I’ve got going for me! ha!

Well you’re a model now, you’re doing well.
Ah yes of course. That’s what my mother used to do. She modelled when she was younger.

How are you enjoying the modelling?
Really well. I meet the coolest people. And you get to hang out with friends, like on the Boys by Girls shoot.

Right, so let’s talk about you. You’ve told us twice now that you’re a strange person and that you were a weird kid. Do elaborate.
I just did weird things. Like eat seeds off bird tables. I used to be obsessed with seeds until I was about 11 years old. And avocados. You know they have the big pit in avocados, and people had gobstoppers and all that stuff, I used to just put the avocado pit in my mouth.

What about grapes?
Oh no, I don’t like grapes. I like bananas. And apples.

Describe your good side. And then your bad side.
I’m actually really, really good. Hopefully I’m really kind and helpful. Like in King’s Cross station, whenever there’s a little old woman with bags, I say “Do you want me to help you with that?” I’m like a little saint, I should be crowned or something. haha

Any other examples of your good side?
Well not really good, but kind. Giving and generous. I’m kinda naughty at the same time.

How are you naughty?
I used to just rebel all the time. Like you know when everyone goes through that naughty stage at school, I was quite bad. Some of the teachers used to get annoyed with me.

We can’t believe it, you seem so nice!
I know. I am now!

But then you changed? You became super-likeable?
Saint Charlie, helping little old ladies at the station. Helpful, but mischievous.

Let’s talk about Twitter, cause you’re one of our favourite people to follow on Twitter. (You can follow him too @ItsCharlieMills for some entertaining Tweets! We are impressed with his amount of followers.)
When you meet people, instead of “What’s your number?” you say, “What’s your Twitter?” And then you follow them and you know where your friends are, like it’ll say your friend is @Westfield and then you’re like “I’m there too!” and you meet up with friends, it’s just so easy.

And you can meet lots of industry people through Twitter as well.
Oh yeah, obviously like photographers for work. It’s wicked for work.

Thank you Charlie! We are excited to share some more exclusive images of you very soon.

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