Casper On Modelling And Danish Nightlife

20 November 2012

All the way from Copenhagen in Denmark, we were very excited to get the chance to work with 19 year old model, Casper Rams of Elite Models London, and what an absolute sweetheart he is!

As a continuation of our Scandinavian obsession we made sure we got the low down on his favourite nights out in Copenhagen and we were delighted to learn that they enjoy as good a time as us! Casper charmed us talking about his modelling, what he looks for in a girl and aliens! Make sure to also check out his exclusive portrait series by photographer Cecilie Harris for Boys by Girls.

Lets talk about where modelling started for you.
Modelling started when I was on a bus, going home from a friend’s and a guy came and walked with me outside, he asked me a few questions about my height and gave me his card, telling me I could go to his agency, and it just started a week after I went to the agency.

How did you end up in London?
It went very fast when I was signed to Elite Copenhagen. We heard from Elite London the same day, who also wanted to sign me. I'm now signed with Elite Stockholm, Milano,as well as Copenhagen and London.

What’s your favourite city in the world?
I don’t know but I really like Italy. I just like the culture, the food, the girls, the people … everything! It’s great. I love the warm climate and any places with a good beach. I’ve been to Italy a lot, as well as the South of France with my family… and Turkey too.

So you’ve never been to Norway?
Nope not yet… but maybe one day!

Tell us the coolest thing about Copenhagen.
The coolest thing is the clubs, they’re very different with the dress codes – you drink a lot in Denmark, you really do! The drinks in general are very stong, you can get drunk very quickly.

What’s your favourite drink?
Probably a Vodka RedBull.

Because you don’t look like a guy who drinks a lot of beer…
Is that a compliment or not haha! I like beer too, you know Carlsberg, the Danish beer?

Oh isn’t that the one that’s they say is ‘probably the best beer in the world’?
It is! We also have a great football team in Copenhagen.

Do you play any sports?
I play a lot of football, it's great fun me and my friends play every week – maybe two or three times a week.

How do you keep your body in good shape?
I do fitness everyday, or maybe 4 times a week – at the Gym. It’s very close to where I live, if I cycle its just 5 minutes from home. I also have a car, but if I want to get in good shape I take my bike.

Are you a fast driver or a slow driver?
It’s in the middle. But I like driving fast!

What would be your highest goal in modelling?
My goal would be to do a job for Ralph Lauren, because that’s my favourite brand. It would also be very nice to do something for Calvin Klein or Armani.

We can see you with all of those brands – we’re crossing our fingers for you!
Haha thanks!

What else would you say that you were very passionate about?
I like to impress people, for example modelling, I want to show them what I can do. I really like to set goals for myself. I always wanted to be an actor when I was young.

Can you give us 3 random facts about you?
I like blond girls, they are the best in the world.
But I also like Italian girls – but only Italian girls.
I like movies a lot – Blood Diamond is my favourite, Leonardo Di Caprio is the greatest actor in the world
I think Real Madrid is the best soccer team in the world.

Do you believe in Aliens?
Aliens?! No not really haha, but sometimes I think about if there’s any kind of weird life (not just aliens) outside of this world. I ponder about it sometimes…

Where do you go when you need time to think?
If I need to calm down with my anger I go to the gym – that’s my way of letting everything out.

Thanks for the chat Casper! See you soon!

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