Boys by Boys

4 December 2012

There is so much to celebrate at the moment; Christmas is almost here, Cecilie's Vanity Teen Magazine editorial with Joshua Moroney (FM Models) & Matthew Bell (Elite Models London) is around the corner and the new Twilight movie is now out! To celebrate we present our own version of Edward and Jacob in the form of Matthew and Joshua.

On the day of the Vanity Teen shoot Cecilie sent the pair into the woods with a polaroid camera in a "Go into the woods and take pictures of each other. Don't be boring." kind of way. The boys returned half an hour later (after we thought the Bermuda Triangle might have swallowed them to mystical places) having created their own Boys by Boys moments, built a hut and found the inner wolf.

Styling by Rachel Gold (assisted by Crista Repo). Hair by Fiona Tanner. Make-up by Riona O'Sullivan.

On the day of the Vanity Teen shoot:

Cecilie: What have you guys been up to recently?
Matthew: Shows, and I've spent some time in London working which has been really cool. Tomorrow's like my third day off in three weeks.
Joshua: Just been working and being busy. And been doing some of my Eurocross.

Cecilie: Matthew, can you tell our viewers about our shoot today?
Matthew: Yes, we're shooting for Vanity Teen Magazine.The theme of this shoot is quite childish and fun.
Joshua: It hasn't really felt like a shoot has it.
Matthew: True, it's very playful, and has been quite reminiscent of childhood memories. Like chilling in the park and skateboarding. It's good.
Joshua: And climbing. I definitely used the swings too much.

Cecilie: What was your favourite part?
Joshua: The swings.
Cecilie: Like what you both did it at the same time and almost hurt yourself?
Joshua: haha nah. We were at this awesome location, Harebreaks Adventure Playground, and it sounds really sweet what they do. They basically have this cool place for kids that don't really have anywhere to go after school to come and play. They've got all these cool things to play with, climb on, swing off etc. It's really cool.

Cecilie: Is it your favourite place to shoot?
Joshua: So far yes.
Matthew: Unless it was in Hawaii.
Joshua: Yeah haha
Cecilie: You haven't shot in Hawaii though Matthew, have you?
Matthew: I have. Mentally.
Cecilie: haha! Is this the first time btw that you've been shot on a skateboard?
Matthew: No. I was shot in Toyko with it a few times.

Matthew wears shirt by DESIGUAL. Joshua wears shorts by WRANGLER. Styling by Rachel Gold.

Cecilie: Joshua, what's your favourite thing about shooting with me? (Oh, so humble...)
Joshua: Usual just how comfortable it is. It's always really relaxed and quite chilled.
Cecilie: What about you Matthew?
Matthew: Shooting on location is good. That's been nice.
Cecilie: You got to climb stuff today. Has it been fun working together today?
Matthew/Joshua: Yeah!
Cecilie: Joshua, what's your favourite thing about Matthew?
Joshua: The sheer vast randomness that comes out!
Cecilie: And Matthew, what's your favourite thing about Joshua?
Matthew: Oh he's just so beautiful.
Cecilie/Joshua: hahaha!
Matthew: No, he's just such a cool guy. We haven't really met before, but it just seems sort of easy. He's really easy to get along with.
Cecilie: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the day?
Matthew: These trousers (Jezebel), they're really cool.
Cecilie: Any closing words?
Matthew: Don't cross when the man is red.

Polaroids by Joshua and Matthew.

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Joshua Moroney_MS6
Joshua Moroney_MS5
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