Blue Moon

18 October 2021

Photography Nicole Wilson
Styling Victor Lopez
Words Amy-Jo Breach
Grooming Robert Spielman
Photo Assistant Peter Leonardo
Featuring John Tyler at Click Models

A lone soul walks along the shore. Gentle waves of another world caress his devoted steps, whispering tales of forgotten memories. Treasures of untold truths lie hidden in the shimmering sand.

Breezing through town with a featherlight touch, John Tyler returns to the salty air and spirited waves. Photographer Nicole Wilson trails the model, snapping faithful frames along the familiar route. A sacred map inked into his memory, John moves to where past meets present. Fragile colours tumble into plunging waters across the vacant horizon as the gulls oversee the rumble of surf. How long before day snaps into twilight and twists into dusk?

Victor Lopez styles John in various hollows and hideaways under altruistic illusion for the skies above. There is a blue moon rising and seconds stretch into infinity as reality crashes with the tide. Tucked tight into the cave of a conch shell, the raw future calls out to those who listen with pure intent and pious hope. Retreating waves fall back across the shore as they graze the shadows below. Unwinding past truths, there is calm to be found right here in this gentle light.

Remnants of sandcastle ruins scatter the coastline. Sincere redemption lies in honesty. The roar of the waves sounds different now. One last splintering sunrise ends the pursuit of clarity for our lonely soul.

Blue Moon17
Blue Moon8

Above Left: John wears Swim Shorts by Marine Serre
Above Right: Jumper by Burberry and Shorts by Sandro

Blue Moon11
Blue Moon19
Blue Moon12

Above: Top by Prada

Blue Moon7
Blue Moon15
Blue Moon16
Blue Moon14
Blue Moon9
Blue Moon18
Blue Moon13

Above: Top by Prada and Jeans by Scotch and Soda

Blue Moon21
Blue Moon2

Above: Jumper by General Idea and Trousers by Celine

Blue Moon3
Blue Moon22
Blue Moon4
Blue Moon1
Blue Moon10
Blue Moon20
Blue Moon6
Blue Moon5
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