Becoming A Paper Airplane

4 August 2015

‘If you could be anything what would you be? A paper airplane because its always fun to make them and then they can just fly away’.

It is a busy afternoon at the BBG Office. Will casually strolls in, unfazed by the rows of unknown, intrigued faces before him. He immediately releases a relaxed, chilled out vibe into the room, and sits down comfortably slouching back against the wall, followed by his deliverance of humurous stories and captivating tales.

Will Ingram at Premier Model Management talks about mischief at sports camp, living in a house full of models and becoming a paper airplane. Who wouldn't want to feel the air against their face and take flight against the monotonous days once in a while - listen to your own beat and just feel that little bit more free?

Have you ever played the trumpet?
No, but I play the violin.

That's pretty cool. Are you good?
I got to grade 5. It's out of grade 8, so I would say I did well.

Do you play in an orchestra?
I used to yeah.

We should start a BBG orchestra! So many male models can play really cool instruments! Noa at AMCK Models plays the violin too. He went to Orchestra camps.
Yeah! I went to Camp America, which is a music camp.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Do you have any fun camp stories?
Sports Camp was funnier. We took all the kids clothes and hung them over the river so they had to make rafts and go out and get them, and if they fell in all their clothes got wet so they didn't want to fall in, and of course they all fell in! Someone grabbed onto the wire and pulled everyones clothes in. The water turned blue when you wee and someone got nervous and well, everyones clothes were dyed blue haha.

Oh no!
We just said it was camp uniform if anyone asked haha.

Where are you from originally?
I was born in Germany, but now I live in Wakefield, England.

How old are you?
I'm 18. I’ve just finished my first year of college studying Sports and sports nutrition.

What else do you do other than modelling and college?
I enjoy running. Steeplechase is my main thing. It’s that one with the water jump thing. I like music, too.

What kind of music do you like?
Dance music. I like travelling to festivals as well. I’ve just been to Wireless and I kinda want to go to Amsterdam again.

What is it like living in a house with a whole load of other models?
Not as glamorous as you would think. It’s a lot messier and smellier. It is so fun though. You get freedom and you get to do what you want when you want, it gives you a real sense of independence.

Do you get on with them all?
Yeah, everyone gets on together and everyone helps each other out if you need help.

Can you give us a weird fact about yourself?
I can get both legs behind my head haha.

If you could be any object what object would you be?
A paper airplane, because it's always fun to make them and then they can just fly away.

What do your mum and dad think about you being a model?
Yeah, they are really supportive and help me fund it. I love it all. I mean waiting at castings is not the most fun, or if it is hot on the underground or all the travelling, but other than that I think it is great. I wouldn't do any other job over it.

How do your friends react to you being a model?
I don't really like to talk about it with people, I feel a bit shy about it.

Are you shy in general?
Well if I get to know people then no I’m not, but I’m not really the loud guy either, so to new people I might come across as a bit shy.

Words by Katy Thomas.
Interview by India Opie-Meres.

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