Axel Talks Guilty Pleasures

19 February 2013

The Boys by Girls gang are always looking for lovely new boys for you to meet, and we have found one in the form of 21-year-old Axel at Nevs Models. We got him in for a portrait shoot by photographer Cecilie Harris and made sure we found the time to have a nice chat with him about his modelling career so far, plus a bit on the side.

We love that Axel says he can’t dance (not for lack of trying and dance classes apparently!) and that his guilty pleasure is really rather decent. But mostly we adore his love of art and that he had a “Gangsta” phase. Check out our full-to-the-brim interview with Axel below.

Is there an interesting story about how you were discovered you would like to share?
Basically I was on a language course in New York, queuing up in Starbucks to use their toilet and a scout came up to me and asked me if I’d done any modelling before. I said no and it all started with my agency in New York first. They then got me a German agency and now one in London.

What happened from there?
After I finished school In Germany, I went to England, where I have been studying and modelling since last year.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris

What’s your favourite part of modelling?
Basically seeing myself in so many different pictures and styles, to see how people can really change by changing the haircut, changing the setting etc. I think that’s really cool.

Do you like the styling elements of it?
Yeah, yeah I do.

If you could get any modelling job what would it be?
Probably get a really nice campaign with a really big brand in order to recoup the clothes that I like. You know get a few of the clothes for free. haha

You’re studying at the moment, what are you studying?
I’m studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Warwick University, it’s in Coventry.

With Uni and modelling, how do spend your spare time?
I do quite a few sports. I’m doing athletics like long distance and cross-country runs. I’m really fond of playing squash and actually another big favourite of mine is art; that’s why I love being really close to London. A good part of my free time is spent like that.

Do you do art yourself?
No I don’t, I’m really bad at it haha! I’m really bad at drawing and really bad at painting, it’s just that I like to read about it and look at art. I go to a lot of the London galleries.

Are you a good dancer?
Ummm…. No. Actually it’s a shame because I’ve done like 6 dance courses; when I was 13 I was kind of in my “gangsta” phase, I did like hip hop dancing but nothing stuck. I’ve done all the classical dance classes but I definitely would not say that I’m a good dancer.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
I really like a good Gin and Tonic, in the sense that I just really like the taste and its kind of bad to indulge in that haha. I mean I like sweets, I’m quite happy that it doesn’t affect my weight. So yeah… Chocolate and a Gin and Tonic!

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Cheers, Axel, thanks for the lovely chat!

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