Anders The Champion Dancer

11 June 2013

We were delighted to have the bubbly 18 year old Anders Hayward at Supa Models for an exclusive Boys by Girls editorial with Cecilie Harris. Not only did we get the pleasure of having Anders on set, we even managed to sneak in a quick interview with him about his life at London Contemporary Dance School and how he got into modelling.

South East London boy Anders gave us an insight into his world. Not only is he a model and a dancer, he can also ride a unicycle (yes you did just read that right). He revealed that his favourite place in the world is New York, even if he did end up in the customs interrogation room on his first trip. Check out the interview to learn some cool Anders facts.

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Polaroid by Cecilie Harris

Hey Anders, tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm Anders, I'm 18 from South-East London, I go to London Contemporary Dance school doing a contemporary dance course and I'm a model at Supa Model Management.

How did you get into modelling?
I got scouted in Topman on Oxford Street when shopping with my girlfriend. This guy came up to me like, "oh have you ever modelled, we're doing a competition down the road with Swarovski Unsigned Model search and the winner gets £2000". I was like "yeah ok I will do that." I didn't win but whilst I was there I got signed with an agency.

What are your modelling highlights?
I'm not too sure! One of the afterparties during Paris Fashion Week was really good, that was on my birthday. Also the exclusive show for Prada in Milan and the Burberry Black campaign. That was good, such a fun day. Oh, and definitely the Topman campaign.

What shows have you walked for so far?
This season I did Dior Homme, Louis Vittion, Dries Van Noten, Topman Design, Christopher Shannon, Katie Eary, James Long, Hardy Amies, E. Tautz and quite a few more. Altogether I did ten shows in London and nine shows in Paris.

Where's the best place you've been so far?
The best place was definitely New York, the people were really friendly and the clothes were really cool. The only downside was it was very cold. The city was quite scary when I first got there because they didn't believe that I was going there on holiday, so they took me into a customs interrogation room and were interrogating me. I think it was because of my age. There seemed puzzled that I was travelling alone at the age of 17.

We love that you're a dancer as well! How long have you been at the contemporary dance school?
Since September, but I used to go to the Brits School. I was there for two years, then had auditions for London Contemporary Dance School and I decided to go there.

Have you been dancing all your life?
I started when I was 5 and then I gave it up when I was about 10 to do sports and stuff. But then decided to get back into dancing when I was like 15.

What type of dance have you done?
I started off doing jazz and tap, and then moved on to do street dance and hip hop. I did that for two years and then from there, when I started my new school and moved on comtemporary.

What sort of dance work have you done already?
Well I've done a few; I did Random acts on channel 4, which was like a dance film. I also did a fashion film for i-D online, that was really cool and I'm currently now an apprentice for a company called TLTD which is a theatre based dance company. It's really good.

Three random facts about yourself?
I can roll my tongue and I am the most forgetful person in the world. Oh and I can ride a unicycle!

What do you find the most beautiful in the world?
What do I find the most beautiful in the world? The right answer would proberly be my girlfriend. haha Oh, and trainers. Trainers are such beautiful things, as well as a lake... I love a good lake.

Have you ever been swimming in a lake, Anders?
Yes I have been swimming in a few lakes, one of the most beautiful was a lake in France called Lake Anise. That was amazing.

Have you done nude swimming in a lake?
No, but I must try that.

Last words to the Boys by Girl viewers and readers?
Thanks a lot for choosing me today to shoot for Boys by Girls!

Anytime Anders! We are already appropriately obsessed with you. Yes.

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