Anatol The Polish Dancer

3 December 2013

Polish dream Anatol Modzelewski (yes, that is his real name) at Nevs Models recently stopped by the Boys by Girls HQ for a bit of a catch up. Anatol is one of those dark horses; so incredibly humble and modest about his rather impressive modelling career thus far. With names like Lanvin and John Galliano popping up in conversation, we know this boy has a lot of talent. Originally from Warsaw, Anatol has such an original striking look that has obviously caught the eye of some of the biggest brands in the industry.

Get used to this face, people, because we don't reckon he will be disappearing anytime soon! Oh, and we just have to mention it again - how cool is the name Anatol Modzelewski!?

Enlighten us on how you got into modelling Anatol.
My agent found me in a club where I was out with my friends - he approached me and proposed the idea of modelling and that was it!

Was that in Warsaw?
Yea it was in Warsaw.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

That's pretty cool. Tell us which shows you have done to date?
I've done Lanvin, John Galliano, Christopher Shannon, Xander Zhou, E. Tautz, Lou Dalton for example.

Wow, some pretty big names there, we're impressed! And which magazines have you shot for?
For i-D Magazine, Another Man and Fucking Young recently.

Which was your favourite editorial?
Im not sure really, but probably i-D magazine, as it was with a great photographer, Karim Sadli.

What was it like to grow up in Poland?
I was in Poland for my entire childhood, it's home. It was a really good place to grow up I think.

If you weren't doing modelling, what do you think you would be doing and why?
Ah I don't know, I've never thought about it. I was studying before I got scouted, which I put on hold for modelling. I then went back and finished my studies, but now all I do is model and couldn't really imagine it any other way.

Tell us three random facts about yourself.
Umm.. I am often lateā€¦

Haha not sure if you should have told us that one!
Haha. I like to party! And I love spending time with my friends.

How would you define success? What does it mean to you.
I'd probably say to head straight for your dreams - fight for what is yours until you have it.

What in the world do you think is beautiful?
I think that the world is full of interesting undiscovered places, all of which I wish to see one day!

If you were to have your last ever meal, what would it be?
I'd eat everything. Everything I could eat. I wouldn't stop.

What is most precious to you in life?
I want to have one place in the world where I can always come back to. Just that one place that I can call home, no matter where I am.

Do you have any secret talents?
Before I was a model, I was also a dancer.

Oh amazing! We love dancers here at BBG - we recently shot Anders in his dance studio. What kind of dance did you do?
Jazz and a bit of ballet.

Awesome, we may have to ask you to show off some of your skills. Okay last question; do you have any life advice for our readers?
You must believe in your dreams!

We'll take that! Thanks for chatting to us, Anatol.

Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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