An Interview With Edu

3 April 2012

Following from our editorial with Lucho & Edu last week shot by Belen Asad, we took a few minutes to get to know Edu a little bit more. Check out this interview below where he shares a bit about his modelling and gives us a few wise words.

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PS. We're a little jealous of his hair. Just had to say.

How long have you been modelling?
Months, only. Everything started as a joke, but I started modelling professionally a few months ago now.

How did you get scouted?
Belen Asad scouted me. She's a photographer and also the owner of the Hey! Management agency which I am with. She says I'm her androgynous boy.

Have you always loved fashion, or is it something that you are learning about now that you are modelling?
Well, I have always loved fashion, but day by day it surprises me. I always like to have my own style and be different than everyone else, so it can be like my own personal fashion. But yes, I have always loved fashion.

Do you have any goals you would you like to achieve in your modelling career?
Wow, that's a big question. I live more than anything in the moment. I like what I'm doing and I hope to continue doing it, and to be able to get to know beautiful places and people. I just continue making goals for myself in the moment. For now, world peace.

Are there people in the fashion industry that you would really like to work with?
It's kind of a complex question, because I'd like to work with lots of different people. I don't have a favorite.

Other than fashion and modelling, what are you passionate about?
I feel like modelling gives me many things that I like. Besides modeling; travelling, getting to know new cultures, parties, spending time with friends and laughing. I like to live every day as though it were the last.

Do you have any exciting modelling jobs coming up that you can tell us about?
If I tell you, they'll kill me, haha.

Do you have a favourite quote to share before you go?
I have two:
"This is life not heaven, you dont have to be perfect." - Francesco Scavullo
"To live will be an awfully big adventure." - James M. Barrie, Peter Pan.

Interview by Jeanie at monochromanic.
Image by Lucho Zebrana.

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