Alex On The Power Of His Eyes

14 May 2013

The cool and confident Alex Whipham at Elite Models London stopped by Boys By Girls HQ for the first time recently. Lucky us! At 19 years old Alex is a boy of many passions, including modelling and boxing. In fact is was at his local gym that he was discovered just a year ago.

The first thing that struck us when we met him at our Boys by Girls Issue 5 casting back in February were his enchantingly, icy blue eyes. When we say enchanting, it’s really no understatement – its practically impossible not to fall for their magic power. We're sure he gets his way plenty of times with them, and we suspect we'd be dishing out as many chupa chups from our chupa chup jar as he'd like if asked. Another undeniable charming thing with Alex is his rather marvellous laugh, which may well double as the most contagious and addictive thing on earth. Of course science has yet to prove this, but we're pretty sure. With his giggle he lightens up the room, and we were immediately laughing along with everything!

Alex comes across as an ambitious, easy going and strong minded boy – he isn’t shy and his blooming confidence makes his company very enjoyable. While Alex was around Cecilie Harris captures some beautiful portraits of him, so make sure you have a gander at our exclusive portrait series of this stunning boy here.

How did you get into modelling?
I was boxing and a theatre company came down to my boxing gym, they wanted people on the punch bags and a photographer was there. The photographer saw me in the background skipping and then proposed doing a short film with me. So I did that with him and he sent a lot of my pictures around. I got noticed by a guy who does a lot of street casting and he sent me onto Elite. That’s where it all started really.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

That’s a beautiful story! What have your highlights been since?
I’ve been signed for a year and I’ve had quite a few cool shoots up to now. One of the main editorials I did was with GQ. Yeah, I’m just enjoying it and seeing how it goes, seeing how far I can go with it.

What are you enjoying about being in front of the camera?
When the pictures are finished and people see them and then friends you haven’t seen in ages are asking about it. You really realise how many people are actually looking at the pictures, it’s quite cool.

What would your dream modelling job be?
Probably a big campaign or a huge TV advert for a fragrance, something that everyone will see!

Give us a few random facts about Alex.
I’m a boxer…

Are you a good boxer?
Yeah I’m a really good boxer haha.

Carry on...
I like Chinese food and erm, I’m good looking!

Amazing! I must talk to you about your laugh, which is very charming.
I don’t really know when it came into place, it’s just natural I guess.

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
Go out with friends and have a good time. I don’t like to just sit at home; I like going out and doing stuff.

What is the most fun thing you’ve done in your life?
Being me, it’s fun to be Alex!

One thing I want to mention is your eyes, how do you use the power of your eyes?
I use it to get my way sometimes, I had big blue eyes when I was a kid.

Did your mum always give you what you asked for?
Yeah haha!

What do you want to be when you’re older?
Either a successful model or a professional boxer, it’s easier to get paid for looking pretty than beating people up for free.

That’s a good saying! Are there any closing comments you’d like to give the Boys By Girls viewers?
Follow me on twitter!

Thanks Alex, it’s been a pleasure! You can follow him here on Twitter, @Alexwhipham.

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