Alex From Down Under

18 August 2015

Alex was the boy who sat with his sketchbook at the back of the classroom, tentatively scribbling away as the teacher talked about things he only possibly cared to know about. His comforts was sitting at home and playing a game, studying the lines of the artwork in his favourite animation or drawing in his own scruffy note pad.

We met Alex on his first trip to the UK. His first flight brought him here, his first 24 hour long haul flight from Australia to be precise. As soon as we meet how talks about how all he has noticed since being here is how starkly different the landscape is in London to his home town. Even the lines of the city, the colour of the pavements and the smell of the air is different. It has given him a drive, a palpable one, to push this modelling further and travel the world.

You’re an artist, have you always been interested in drawing?
All the time. Both my parents are artists, so it comes with the territory and they really encouraged me to draw. Whenever I go to somebody's house and there aren’t pens and pencils scattered everywhere I was always confused, because in my house there were like 50 pens in every single room. I went to a performing arts high school too, which was great. Visual arts was one of those subjects and I got to do it for 8 years.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

How would you describe your artistic style?
There are two sides to it really; one is very sketchy and messy depending on what I’m using. Pencils and oil paints will be like that - very messy. Then on the other side I use pens and it’s always very exact and detailed with straight lines.

What inspires you to draw?
Everything really. For the most part it is city-scapes, because I grew up a city boy. It’s great when I’m traveling, but I left my good drawing book at home and I’m going to have to buy another one. I’ll possibly go to Shoreditch. I grew up in the Sydney equivalent of Shoreditch 'cause new town is the same kind of thing, it’s very hip and cool and everyone says to me ‘Oh I’m such a local’, and they’ll only have been living there for 6 months. I’ve been living there for about two decades. My parents were properly arty, so we’ve always lived there. My dad is a graphic designer and my mum is a fundraiser for a cancer foundation.

Do you have any siblings?
Two brothers. We get on like a house on fire. They think me modeling is pretty cool. One of them is 15 and still in high school, just being a 15 year old in high school thinking he’s the coolest kid in the world. And then my other brother is 20 and he works at a call centre that I also used to work at. We got the job on the same day, so we worked together for a few months which was great, but then I got scouted and I started modeling.

What were you like growing up?
I was more serious than my brother. Funnily enough I was the nerd out of my three bothers. I was never one to do their homework on time or anything, I was very lazy when it came to that, but I would much rather sit inside and read and play video games than go outside or anything, so they were cooler than me. Now it’s the complete opposite and I’m doing a cool job.

Is that the same with your friends?
Yes, I’m always out and about or down the pub and playing pool. I’m the organizer of the group as well.

Are they not doing anything now you’re not there, are they waiting for you to come back?
I’ve been talking to a few of them and they’ve been hanging out, but not nearly as much haha. They were like 'please come back'. Haha. I’m very sociable. I like people, people are my forte.

What is your favorite kind of shoot to do?
Very relaxed, casual. A decent idea of what we’re going to do before we do it, but nothing too set in stone so you can let it evolve and grow. I like it when someone has an idea half way through a shoot and then it ends up working really well. You can sort of let it go on it’s own, as long as you end up getting the mood that you wanted at the start.

When you’re traveling what do you have to bring with you?
Drawing utensils, as is probably obvious by now, and my laptop probably. I have only ever traveled here; this is my first time out of Australia. If I had the money I didn’t have the time and if I had the time I didn’t have the money, so it never really happened. My first flight was a little stressful cause my phone ran out of battery half way through the line to security so I just thought, it’s okay I’ll follow the signs.

Where else would you like to go?
Everywhere really. It’s always the people that haven’t travelled that have the longest list. Top of my list is Sicily; I’d love to go there, it seems like a beautiful place, and Barcelona. I’d also like to go to Switzerland. It seems like it would be completely different to the landscape I’m used to.

Words by India Opie Meres.

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Alex Thorne_IMG1
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