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2 March 2016
"We love each other."
It’s not what you expect to hear most teenage boys confessing is it? The idea of love, of growing up, about the future; but that is what makes him different. A self confessed family man, Abolaji Oshun at AMCK Models, dreams of traveling the world and becoming a mind reader. His head in a book and aspirations sky high, he is every parent's dream child.
Abolaji may be the loud, popular boy in the school yard, but in his own time, 80s and 90s music is what keeps him company (as well as his mum of course). Surrounded by love and support from family and friends, Abolaji’s honest and mature attitude has a habit of winning the hearts of those that meet him. He hands it to luck and chance that set him up for his modeling career, but having already walked for Grace Wales Bonner during London Collections: Men this season, it seems he was made for this industry.
Oozing positivity and embracing a new world of catwalks and classic novels, he is the epitome of a hardworking school boy. Straight from class, his shirt only half tucked into his school uniform, he chats to Boys by Girls about music tastes and growing up in East London.

How did you discover modelling?
A few months back I was in Westfield with my friend. He was shopping and that’s when my booker approached me; it was just by luck. I’ve had four test shoots and one look book since then, and I also walked my first show at London Collections: Men. I’m really enjoying it so far.
What was your favourite shoot so far?
It has to be the shoot with Michelle Marshal. She was asking me questions, then took the photos whilst I was answering them. School takes up a lot of my time though, as well as working obviously.
Instant Analogue by Sophie Mayanne. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.
What's your favourite subject?
I have three favourite subjects: English, History and Psychology. I just enjoy debating and developing an argument. I think I’m creative, because I enjoy creating new ideas. I enjoy talking haha. Outside of school, I go on my laptop, talk to my friends, listen to music and I have to catch up on homework, which I don’t enjoy that much.
What kind of boy are you in school?
I’d say I have a loud voice. I don’t mean to be loud, it just happens when I’m at school and with people that I am familiar with. I like to talk to everyone, but I have my group of friends at school as well. We just find things to do; nothing too rebellious. I’ve already completed one GCSE so far in RS, which I got an A* in and I'm taking the rest of my GCSE’s this year.
If you could have a superpower what would it be?
I’m very nosy so I’d probably like to read peoples minds. I would try to use it for good, but also for personal uses. I’d like to get to know what people are thinking.
What do you do in your sparetime?
I like watching movies and I try and watch a variety. Recently I watched 'The Intern', but I have also watched movies like 'Training Days' as well. They're both quite different. One’s about a corrupt policeman and the other about an old man who interns at a fashion company. I like films that make me laugh. This year I’m going to try and read a lot more. I would like to study A Level English, so reading more could help that. My friends have suggested some novels that I should read, as well as the sports books I have already decided on.
What kind of music do you like?
Again, I like listening to different varieties of music such as Rap and R’n’B. I also enjoy older music. Music that our past generations would listen to. Nothing too far back though. I like anything from the 80’s and 90’s. I don’t dance, I can’t dance haha, but I listen to HipHop music quite a lot.
If you won the lottery what you spend the money on?
Im not sure. I’d try to give as much as I could to charity and to people who need it. I would definitely use it for good. What else would I spend it on? I have loads of ideas of things I would, but I can’t think of them all. I feel like the lottery is too much money.
If you could describe yourself in five words what would they be?
Positive, funny, I think I’m observant, nosy and…fun. Fun or helpful.
What were you like when you was younger?
When I was really young, I was quite chunky, which is where my shyness came from. I was definitely a mummy’s boy, I was always with her. I think its because we weren’t exposed to a lot as children. We lived in a two bedroom flat before moving to Hackney at the age of ten. Hackney was different. There was a diversity in people there and they were all so nice. I was exposed to different surroundings. I’m quite lazy now, but I used to play football.
How many siblings do you have?
I have a brother and sister. Im the middle child which is quite weird, because you’re not the youngest or the oldest. You’re just in-between. They annoy me sometimes, but I do get on with them. My family life is balanced. We love each other. I have a good family.
Are you looking forward to travelling?
Yeah, because I haven’t actually been outside of England, apart from when I was eight years old and went to Nigeria. I’d also love to go to America; South America and Europe. I just want to travel the world. There’s more to life then here.
What do your friends and family say about you modelling?
It's weird, because I was with my friends when I got scouted, so they are really supportive. All of my friends have different goals, my two best friends want to be actors and my other friend wants to be a footballer. So they’re just happy that I can model now, they're supportive and funny. The people around me are there for a reason, because I want them there. A friend needs to be funny and trustworthy.

Writing by Rebecca Jones-Clarkson.
Interview by Saskia Pfeiffer.

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