Aaron On Photography & Fried Chicken

23 April 2013

Much to the delight of the team, Aaron Miller (AMCK) swung by Boys By Girls HQ to have a chat with us. Following our recent casting for the next issue (Ooooeeer) it was great to have Aaron back to find out a little more about him. An interesting mix of Australian and Jamaican heritages, Aaron is charging into the world of modelling at full speed.

At only 19 years old and having to stand on his own feet for the majority of his life – this is clearly a boy who breaks past obstacles and lets nothing hold him down for too long. Aaron is athletic and motivated, and apparently runs on an unusual obsession with takeaway chicken… Damn him for being able to eat fried chicken and still look that good!

Surviving many rainy clouds throughout his life, Aaron is a strong charachter and full of determination and dreams. He is enthusiastic, passionate and charismatic – wonderful traits of an incredibly charming teenage boy who aims high in everything that he does. Boys By Girls are looking forward to following his model journey. Read the full interview with him below. You can also check out Aaron on camera in a beautiful portrait series by Cecilie Harris here.

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Can you tell Boys By Girls how you ended up being a model?
When I was 17 my mum moved to Grenada with my step brother and I was all alone. People told me as I was growing up that I had great features and really good jaw bones. A year later I decided to go for it when I bumped into Patrick at Amck Models who offered to signed me.

What have you enjoyed most throughout your modelling journey?
In general really love to shoots. I love meeting new people like yourself (aww thanks Aaron), and I just love being on camera. I love modelling!

What is it you love about being in front of the camera?
I’ve dabbled in photography myself, so I quite good at matching what the photographer wants to capture. I love the feeling of fear as well which comes with performing, so I always see modelling as a kind of performance. I love the aura, everything about it, the moment.

What is your favourite type of shoot to do?
Honestly I love studio work because of the amount of retouching and editing you can then do to the photo afterwards. I love working with the stylists as well and being able to dress up in really crazy stuff.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever had to wear?
I’ve had fox skin hats put on me, which actually made my hair itch for weeks afterwards. I did a shoot for oki-ni and I had to wear a “Jesus style” robe, which I think was Vivienne Westwood. I love looking different to how I normally dress.

What would be your dream job?
Modelling definitely…

Within modelling what would be a dream achievement?
I’d love to either model for a huge campaign or have more freedom to do what I liked, like flying to other countries. I really want to travel.

What would be your favourite country to travel to?
I think if I could say I’d been to Milan I’d be very happy with myself. Or even Paris, I’d love to do something there. London Fashion Week as well, catwalk would be great; I think I have a good height for it.

Give me 3 random facts about yourself.
I’ve lived in the YMCA hostel and mad stuff has happened there. I was completely alone without family. My Mum is Australian and my Dad is Jamaican. So I’m half each – a bit of a mix. Lastly, I love chicken. Living alone I survived on the cheap chicken shops. Although luckily I didn’t get fat, I just got skinner. So yeah, I honestly LOVE chicken shops.

Since you lived alone, can you cook?
Definitely, I can cook well! haha When I was a child my mum would always make me help out, especially with the ironing.

So you’re a good ironer?
Yes! I’m a domestic god haha.

Aaron the domestic god! We love it. Do you have any other secret skills?
I used to play basketball at a high level, but then I had an injury in a workplace so I can’t play anymore. The ball was my absolute passion other than modelling, I completely loved it.

What else makes you happy?
Honestly, money haha! Living alone you really learn the value of everything. I'm a hard worker and work any hour I have available. I should be at work right now actually.

What makes you angry?
That’s a hard question… My past makes me very angry. That’s all I can say really, I’m generally a happy person otherwise. When I think of what has happened to me in the past it I get very worked up.

How do you handle that?
I go to the gym which really helps. I play the most random loud music I possibly can. I just don’t stop running, it relieves me a lot. I also watch a lot of cartoons.

What is your favourite cartoon?
Family guy! I’m addicted to it, I don’t think I’ve missed an episode for the past year or so…

What are your three favourite songs at the moment?
I’ve been listening to B.I.G. a lot; it was the anniversary of his death a few days ago so I haven’t stopped listening to his music. I love the song Thrift Shop – you must know it haha! Other than that I really like house music, I go out raving a lot.

Great catching up you with Aaron!

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