A Quickie With Niki

29 May 2012

Niki Burton (Select) is turning into a bit of a Boys by Girls fave, and have already been captured by both Georgie Wileman and Cecilie Harris. We can't get enough of him. So when we had the chance we recently grabbed the oportunity to do a little interview.

You can also check out his BBG (you know what we mean) editorials "To My Words" and "The 4th Floor - Chapter 8".

We're gonna start with some basics. How long have you been modelling?
I've been modelling since I was 16. I was walking home from school, and was stopped whilst on my way home and asked to come in to do a test shoot with Select. I then got asked to go to Paris straight away. And I was like "Oh yeah, cool". I thought it was well cool. It was a great way to get started as that went really well. I went on holiday with that money for 8 weeks to Egypt. Didn't even get a tan haha.

What's your favorite shoot you've ever done? Except this one with Cecilie obviously.
haha aww, then the Boys by Girls one I did before with Georgie? (BBG: awww.... stop it you...) One of my favorite shoots was a music video I did. It was really fun, I got to smash a car.

If you could pick one person to work with in the future who would it be?
One that would give me the most money haha. I don't know... maybe G-Star, I love their clothes! It would be cool to be on the front cover of Vogue, just cause it's such a big thing. There are so many things that would be cool to do.

Talk to us about art.
I did art A Level. I really like doing illustrations, quite abstract crazy looking stuff that challenges the mind. I have Dali on my wall at home. Obviously not a real one unfortunately. But I like that picture, am in love with it. I like to draw and paint as you get really into it and just allow your mind to be drawn into what you are doing.

We're a little unsure why this ended up such a short interview as the recording was ten minutes. It could be the fact that we were all eating lunch whilst doing it, or Niki getting us into fits of laughter with his quirky sense of humour that was quite "you had to be there", or that a lot of the interview simply ended up in a lot of side track questions moving us into a conversation hard to capture in this interview. But basically, Niki, adore!

Polaroid by Cecilie Harris.

Niki Burton_MS2
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