A Moment With Joshua

23 May 2012

We catch up with the very charming Joshue Moroney at FM Models, after Cecilie Harris' recent shoot with him "The 4th Floor - Chapter 7". We learn about what inspires him and that he's a qualified chef.

How long have you been modelling for and what's been your highlights so far?
About 4-5 months, not too long. London Fashion week in February was definitely a highlight. It was a great thing to do and I had quite a few options for it which was great.

What is the favorite shoot you've ever done?
Apart from this one?

Yes, apart from this point (but ten points for the compliment). So your second favorite shoot.
Probably Baartmans & Siegel, which I did the lookbook and campaign for not so long ago. It was really relaxed and fun.

What do you do when you're not modelling?
I'm into my Endurocross. I used to race a couple of years ago. There isn't that much to do up in Leeds, so I wanted something fun to do.

What inspires you?
My mum. I must say, my mum is my world, and she always will be.

Awwww so sweet!

If you had one piece of advise that you could give to the rest of the world, what would it be?
Don't live your live early. Get your head down and live your life late.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I'd love to be working for someone big like Versace and very classy brands like that. Would be great to do campaigns for some big brands.

Do you have any skills we don't know about?
I'm a level three chef which I did for quite a long time. I"m also a pretty good handy man.

So basically, you're perfect. You can cook, you can fix stuff in our house, AND you're a model! Where do we line up?
haha maybe. Other people may not think of it that way.

Have you got any final words?
Pick me. In general.

Thanks Joshua, may we call you Josh? No wait, we prefer Joshua. It's fun to say. Do stop by soon Joshua. We adore you a lot.

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