A Catch up with Joe Sanders

10 January 2012

We had a chat with Joe Sanders (D1) who answered our questions in the always entertaining Joe way. Enjoy as he tells us about his "evening performances", his manly beauty tips and how he would share a Twix for the starter on Come Dine With Me!

Take us through your daily routine, we want to experience a day in the life of Joe!
Get up about 2 ish, then crack on with my castings... Probably shoot a massive campaign. Then afternoon go to uni, and after uni go for a bev or 3 with the lads init. After that I guess I'd head on to G-A-Y in Soho for my evening performance, where I play Josephine the sexually confused tambourine.

What are your long-term dreams?
Stay out of rehab.

If you were a contestant on "Come Dine With Me", what three-course meal would you serve?
A Twix as a starter, followed by a main of super noodles and microwave pizzas (choice of toppings). Followed by a massive pile of Ferrero Rochers for dessert to add a touch of class.

What music do you listen to?
Mika, Cheeky Girls, Aqua.
(We're a little disappointed that the Spicegirls wasn't in there......)

What has been your favourite fashion shoot to date and why?
The one where I got to see that Danish girls nipples.

What makes you happy?
A challenging piece of colouring in or a video of a cat running into a glass door that it thinks is open.

Do you have any ‘manly’ beauty secrets to share?
Wash your willy before and after use.

Thanks for the fascinating insights Joe, we miss your hug-and-twirl!

Image courtesy of D1 Model Management.

Joe S_MS3
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