5 Minutes With Sam

11 February 2012

We've been talking a lot about Sam Lawson at Select Model Management recently, but we really can't help it. After Cecilie Harris' shoot with him for "Closer", we are just a little Sam addicted! Do feel free to share this new obsession with us.

Check out this charming and very honest edition of our "5 Minutes With" feature, where he talks about what he's been up to lately, loosing his dad and some of the greatest advise he ever had. There are also a few unique self portraits of Sam below, where he instructed Cecilie how to capture him.

Hey Sam, we totally adore you, tell us what have you been up to recently!
How's it going ladies! I've recently been over in Spain shooting look books for Zara, and back here in London shooting some cool editorials. It's been christmas & New Year though! So I had two weeks of drinking and festive parties, but all back into the swing of things now. TOO much Sambuca. haha

What inspires you?
My biggest inspiration will always be my Dad. He passed when I was just a baby, but from all the stories my mum told me about him, I know he was a great guy, a fighter. He never gave up and was also a right laugh to be around. People that met him or knew him said he was out of this world. I try to imagine him looking down on me whenever I need to. It's important to do that sometimes.

What do you do when you're not working?
When I'm not working I take part in stupid interviews. Just Kidding! haha You know I love you! At the moment I'm having to get on with work for this Sports Science diploma I'm doing or hitting the gym quite a bit. If not I'm always with a mate. I'm one of them people who can't stand to be alone doing nothing I guess.

Above: Polaroid by Cecilie Harris, instructed by Sam himself. Took about half an hour to prepare and tidy up! (At his local boxing club)

Who would be your ultimate brand and photographer to work with?
I think like most models, I would mind a big fragrance. Maybe a bit of Ralph with Bruce Webber. Or even the D&G jobs to see myself in adverts or on buses. MOVE OVER GANDY it's my turn mate!

What's the best piece of advise you have ever had?
Greatest advice? It's hard to come by with mates like mine. You're talking to a guy who's pals think it's a good idea do shots through their eyes on a night out lol. On a serious note, when I was a kid if I was ever feeling down or in trouble with something my mum would do this thing. It would go like this;

MUM: What are ya?
ME: A Lawson
MUM: And what are Lawsons?
ME: Vikings
MUM: And what do Vikings never do?
ME: Never give up!

Kind of silly when you think about it now, more of a motivation than advice, but I always remember it made me feel better.

(We see that it's not only his dad Sam has his fighting spirit from!)

Above: Another self portrait by Sam.

Why does glue not stick to the bottle?
When they’re inside the tube the solvent can’t evaporate, nor can the air get to the chemicals, so until they come out they won’t stick. (I PROMISE I didn't just google that and copy the first answer I saw......)

Thanks Sam, imaginary Sambucas and butterfly kisses your way!

Our book "Closer" is available to buy here, which includes Sam's story "My Generation Baby".

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