5 Minutes With Keith

10 March 2012

The amaze Keith Hernandez (Request / Elite) has been in town again! We still didn't manage to return his gloves (he looked at us with a bit of a judging look, but let us off...). Over for London Fashion Week we saw him on the catwalk for Shaun Samson and Matthew Miller.

We have had a lot of love for Keith lately in our "Crossing Echoes" editorial and recent portrait series by Cecilie Harris. Just so much Keith goodness to spoil you with!

Hey Keith, what have you been up to lately?
I recently shot for i-D Magazine, and back in New York I did campaigns for Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie. Yeah... that's about it, just a couple of campaigns. Then London Fashion Week now. Just trying to do good for myself.

What inspires you?
I would love to be an actor. Imagine seeing yourself on a movie billboard, that would be crazy. It would be so sick. I've been on a billboard before, but it was just like.....alright..... For a movie it is something else.

What do you when you are not working?
When I'm not working I play on my Playstation, that's a real good hobby of mine! My favourite game is "Call of Duty", it's fucking sick. When you're playing you can just forget about all of the things you have to do, and all of your priorities go out of the window. Sometimes I do things that I don't like to do too, like diet and work out, but I have to keep in shape.

Who would be your ultimate brand or designer to work with?
You know, whatever's good for me and what looks good on me.

What's the best piece of advise you have ever had?
Anything that comes out of my father's mouth. Whatever he says.

If you had to cook something for us, what would you cook?!
(Laughs) I don't know how to cook, maybe some cereal! Or maybe some pop-tarts. What can I make that's edible? Hmmm...

Well, what is your favourite food that you like to eat?
I've been lucky enough to visit a lot of different countries and places, and I find that whatever I eat when I'm in that country, that becomes my favourite food when I go there. I recently went to Jamaica, oh man Jamaican food is amazing! And when I'm in Milan, Italian food is my favourite. I like everything. A better question would've been what don't I like to eat! So... whatever has a bunch of onions in it. I'm not a big onion fan. That's about it. Maybe tomatoes. But onions, naah.

Thanks for the wicked catch up Keith! We can't wait for you to invite us over for cereal and pop-tarts.

Keith Hernandez_MS1
Keith Hernandez_MS1
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