You Know Its Fashion Week

28 February 2012

London during fashion week brings out the hottest designers, showcasing their latest collections - but it also brings the weird and wonderful side of fashion. So our street team hit the streets of London with an open mind, ready for anything menswear day was to deliver with an excited "bring it!" attitude. We were prepared for anything!

From celebrities, to boys in skirts and so much more, here are a few moments shared from our day of fun last Wednesday.

You know it's Fashion Week when......

...David Gandy just happens to walk by you on the way to the Topman Design show.

...It’s OK for men to wear their hair in French plaits.

...Beautiful models at Mr Porter become Big Issue sellers.

...Boys wear skirts that aren’t kilts, and still look masculine.

...You walk into impromptu photoshoots on the sidewalk.

...When looking like you stepped out of an 80’s music video is more c’est chic than le freak!

...You can never wear too much leather or studs.

Photography by Abigail Denton
Words by Alex Gravell

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