Working With Musicians

1 August 2013

At Boys by Girls we certainly know a thing or two about what it takes to produce amazing pictures of our beautiful model boys, and recently we have started opening our arms to embracing more boy-talent out there. In particular musicians, and we have to admit the task of creating BBG worthy photographs of the amazing new band Coastal Cities left us shaking in our boots.

Following on from last week's feature with the band, which you can check out here, today we share a little bit more what happened behind the scenes. Whilst we invaded their studio while they finished up practising, we couldn’t help but be in awe of them. We totally adore boys with talents, and they definitely have plenty of it! The aim was to capture them at work before we moved onto group shots, and as we clambered through the equipment to get the perfect shot we were definitely up for the challenge.

A lot of our photographers are used to working with bands, so this is an environment to work in that already makes us excited, and we are excited to bring more music into the world of Boys by Girls. Bands aren’t like our models whom move with elegance knowing exactly how to capture the light, but they have talent, charisma, cool music-dude looks and awesome vibes written all over them.

Coastal Cities which we worked with in this case, moved with passion and a different kind of grace that radiated through the music. They oozed coolness, talent and they definitely have their personal style and fashion loves them. The shoot was full of energy and fast paced, as we battled against the obstacles of their studio, surrounded by their many guitars and being challenged by the light situation in their studio. But we are used to working with the light available in any scenario, and the mirrors in the studio helped create some cool effects.

With 11 people working in a very small space (the band, our team, their team), this presents some challenges. Add to that various instruments, amps and not to forget the wires that snaked all over the floor, this presented a fun challenge. After a while we worked out ways to dodge the mics and guitar necks using the available space to our advantage to get the best possible angles of the guys.

Photographing bands brings something new to the table; they posses a different power in front of the camera and bring their own unique style. With Coastal Cities it was obvious the boys have a great chemistry with one another that really added to the shoot. Being able to play on the band's charisma, fun attitude and charm, this creates a unique connection that is very exciting to work with photographically.

With our newfound passion for working with bands, we thought we would share our top 8 tips for shooting musicians:

  • Avoid stepping on or kicking over their equipment. The crashing of cymbals around you makes for a very awkward silence and judging looks.
  • To add to our first point don't interrupt their rehearsal.
  • Capture their coolness with equally cool photos.
  • These guys are rock stars and real musicians, you however are not. Singing along and attempting to play the drums is not cool. Put the sticks down and walk away slowly.
  • Admitting your love of all things Britney goes down like a led ballon...don't do it.
  • Capturing the guys in actions will add a cool vibe to your photos.
  • These guys are awesome and super cool, go along with the chaos and you will have an amazing time!
  • Work with the environment as it helps to capture the authentic vibe that only musicians can provide.

Words and Photography by Sophie Victoria Ann.

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