We Are On Instagram

4 July 2013

Want to get even more involved in the wonderful world of Boys by Girls? Now you can feel like your right there with us, with Instagram!

Instagram lets us give you the first look at everything BBG. From behind the scenes on shoots, to daily adventures and of course boys! We can even promise not to post too many pictures of our lunch, no matter how tempting. Follow for exclusive insights, and be the first to see who has been dropping by on our couch.

By following us on Instagram, here is what to expect:

  • Backstage sneak peeks
  • Day to day insights
  • Cecilie and Georgie taking over Starbucks
  • The joys of our interns
  • Models playing a ukulele
  • Fashion week excitement
  • The hottest new model faces

Follow us and let us know which photo you like here. Or search for "boysbygirls" on Instagram on your phone or iPad. We feel a new addiction coming on as we join the world of Instagram.

Words by Wyatt McCollum.

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