Video: Timothy for APCY

1 February 2013

Timothy Kelleher (D1 Models) is the star of our "A Place Called Youth" back cover. We adore the beautiful images in his editorial taken by photographer Cecilie Harris, so today we have a treat for you. Continuing with our on set mini-films from the issue, we’ve got another exclusive video for you to watch featuring the one and only Timothy. Yes we’ll admit it… we’re a little bit in love with the boy!

The filming of this video preview of the beautiful 8-page editorial was apparently an “awesome” experience for our lovely photographer. Saying that she had wanted to work with him for a long time, Cecilie made it very clear that shooting Timothy for the latest Boys by Girls issue, was a magic experience where Timothy was everything she had hoped for and more. And we can see why. Of course we needed the perfect soundtrack and this came in the form of “Walls” by Rae Morris.

We love the use of upcoming designer brands as well as token vintage pieces in Nikhil Sharma’s styling of Timothy; could he look any more beautiful? Grooming by Elizabeth Rita.

Don’t miss out on seeing the preview images of Timothy’s editorial for issue which you can find here. Meanwhile you can find information about stockists for the issue here, or buy online here.

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