Video Sam Alexander For Issue 8

29 May 2015

With delicate hands, he places tobacco in a fine sheet of paper. Gentle hands embrace her contents as they piece and roll together. Spark. Flame. Ignition. He puts her to his mouth and inhales, watching the glow of the ember fill his lungs. The exhale releases an infusion into the air; a blend of breath and smoke seductively dance around the body, teasing its temporary beauty before disappearing. Length shortening and feeling used up, he crushes her to the ground. Burnt out.

Sam Alexander’s (Established Models) love affair with a cigarette is intimately captured by Cecilie Harris as a further insight into their cover editorial for Boys by Girl issue 8 "The Trouble With Boys". This video extends the definition of simply just smoking. Sam artistically performs characters that represent troublesome angst, humour, and curiosity, while also showing candid, honest sections of him. Sitting on his bed, styled by Cynthia Lawrence-John, he simply just sits, effortlessly personifying the attitude of a Saint Laurent vest. Behaving as if the camera isn’t even there.

The document of this private moment is captured with such trust, something that can only be made between two people with a comfortable, honest partnership. Sam and Cecilie work continually, authentically capturing who Sam is and the characters he can become. This video delves deeper into the surface of the troubled youth shown in their printed editorial. 'The Trouble with Boys' is now available to buy in shops and online.

This is the curious world of Sam Alexander. Delve in. Embrace. Become lost.

Fashion Assistants GRACE ROOKS and ANNIE LUNNON
Model SAM ALEXANDER at Established Models

Words by Tim Sprague.

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