Video: Robbie For Issue 7

5 December 2014

As soon as your eyes meet Robbie (Supa Models) you are entranced. His mouth sits in that memorable fixed frown position as he thoughtfully moves around his house, oblivious to the camera pointing in his direction. His interaction with everything and everyone around him is endearing, every movement backed up with playful dialogue. He is at ease with everything and everyone; perhaps these are the characteristics of every self proclaimed loner?

As a teaser into Cecilie Harris' and stylist David Nolan's editorial for Issue 7, Obsessions, we share with you this film snippet from the day they visited Robbie's. Left to his own cooking devices, he treated us to chicken nuggets for breakfast and endless cups of tea (Tea is the way to the heart).

Compelling to speak to, intriguing to silently sit and watch: there is more to Robbie than meets the eye. A face full of emotion that has a few stories to tell. We can't disassemble Robbie entirely at first glance, but we look deeper into the blue eyes of this beautiful stranger with an interview with Robbie included in his 8-page feature for Issue 7.

Issue 7 is available to purchase in stockists now, as well as online. See all the info you need here.

Model ROBBIE at SUPA Model Management

Words by Molly Baker.

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