Video: Joshua For APCY

7 February 2013

The lovely Joshua Moroney from FM Models is truly one of our favourite boys amongst the Boys by Girls dudes. He is usually met with "awww it's Joshua! So cute!", which he has now officially banned for us to use due to the overuse of it. Damn... I believe we are aloud to refer to him as handsome and cool, which we will embrace eventually.

In this beautiful video Cecilie Harris truly captures youth and the way it is eventually left behind for adulthood. Those moments between childhood and finally growing up are some of the most special and definitely something to be cherished. Asked to bring in some of his favourite objects that epitomise his youth, Joshua looked absolutely wonderful.... and handsome.

Styled by the fabulous Barker girl, that is Rachael Barker, Joshua looked adorable styled in items from Christopher Shannon, Woolrich, Stone Island, Kickers, Christopher Lemaire and more. Grooming by Stephen Hamilton.

We previously posted a preview of Joshua's printed editorial by Cecilie for 'A Place Called Youth', so do make sure to take a look at it. The magazine is still available to buy from newsstands a little longer, so check where your nearest one is here. Alternatively you can order direct from us from our lovely online shop here.

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