Video: Fionn For “Lessons”

11 October 2013

Today we bring you something rather special to wet your appetite; an inspiring and timeless video giving you a sneak peek into our “Forever Is A Really Long Time” editorial that features in our fifth issue "Lessons". Photographer Cecilie Harris captures the enigmatic Fionn Creber at Nevs Model Management in this wonderfully poetic film about youth, an integral part of the Boys by Girls concept.

Cecilie and Fionn explore a melancholic space that is forever frozen between infancy and adulthood, creating wonderfully nostalgic images inspired by the story of Peter Pan and eternal youth. In part of the story, David Nolan styles Fionn in Derek Rose sleepwear as we see him clutching to the last grasps of youth whilst playing with his pretend superhero cape in an open field. Cecilie takes us through this emotional journey where Fionn is anxiously awaiting maturity to strike and shows a true representation of the child that you take with you into adulthood. This film is the perfect preview for Cecilie’s printed editorial, to view the full story buy our fifth issue “Lessons” here.

Words by Annie Ounstead.

Fionn Video Stills
Fionn Video Stills
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