Video: Adam for APCY

5 March 2013

Filmed by Cecilie Harris on her visit to see Adam Prucha from Stockholmsgruppen at his flat in Stockholm for our most recent Boys by Girls issue “A Place Called Youth”, this truly is a touching video. The film is the perfect preview for Adam’s printed editorial, which is also accompanied by his personal written story (you can never say the BBG team doesn’t treat you!).

We particularly love how baring the video is, you can really connect with our Swedish boy and follow his emotional journey. The full feature, titled “Lost & Found” captures Adam in his own surroundings and completely un-styled; a true representation of him. It plays on the frustrations of his personal journey, that is also revealed in the writen pieces that goes with this editorial in the issue. Plus this haunting video is perfectly accompanied with the song “Letters From The Sky” by Civil Twilight.

You can still buy “A Place Called Youth” from out pretty online shop, and yes we do deliver worldwide, so there are no excuses not to go and get your very own copy here. In the meantime, while you’re waiting for your issue to arrive, make sure to check out our preview of Adam’s printed editorial here.

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