Utopia for Issue 15

31 October 2019

Photographer Venetia Dearden
Fashion Kerry Panaggio
Grooming Anna Inglis Hall
Film Editor Fabrizio Narcisi
Words Sophia Razvi
Fashion Assistant Abithaa Santhiramathavan
Camera Assistant Andrea Fruili
Featuring Victor Belmont, Nico Saltori, Donato Pasculli, and Giuseppe Vigneri

Once upon a time, there were four curious souls who ventured beyond life’s black mirrored walls. Under the shelter of midnight with the clothes on their backs, they stole away from the chaos to escape to the mountains. For issue 15, photographer Venetia Dearden accompanies these delicate creatures on their journey. Tracing roots and chasing rivers, she captures this pilgrimage in the hills of Utopia.

Drunk with anticipation, reckless hands in the heat of the moment grab layers of cotton, windcheaters, and wool for protection. Crossing the heartland to a place beyond the shadows, Utopia is feeling as much as sight. It is the wind beating against collars pulled tight as you climb to the highest roof of the tallest abandoned tower. Salty sea air crystallising on cosy knitted jumpers, slowly rocking to sleep in a stranger’s stolen rowboat. Serotonin bursting through veins: this is a tale of four young voyagers returning to the source.

New and old; checked and striped; familiar and forgotten. Stylist Kerry Panaggio dresses the boys for the sweet comfort of forever: once you have tasted the freedom of human connection outside the digital cage, there is little chance of return. Together they unearth the never-ending sunrise.

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