Untampered Mornings

20 April 2016

Untampered, untouched and unearthed. Early mornings birth fresh breaths as you rise from your slumber. Sundays and Mondays invite rays of sunlight to spill through broken blinds. Floating dust dances around the room and your eyes follow unquestionably. A timid sip of fresh coffee ignites a yawn followed by yoga stretches and a few back cracks. A glimpse of yourself in the mirror reflects untamed hair and a hazy look. Mornings rejoice.
Upon leaving the comforts of home, you're greeted by the harsh Winter frost stinging your cheeks. A pale face surrenders to the cold and is left with two rosy imprints upon its cheeks. Foggy journeys and frosted grounds are trampled on by fellow commuters, we're sardines in a tin, but galaxies apart. The only thing you have in common is the curiosity in regards to each person's destination.
Another day and rays of light are dismembered again by the broken blinds. Stark shadows on plain bedding pull and tug at Oskar Dalsjo at IMG Models to awaken him for another day. French photographer Maud Maillard captures him in a mix of black & white and coloured images taken at the crack of dawn. Raw and untouched, untampered, the shoot is unstyled. Oskar wears a selection of his own clothing to capture his genuine identity. Blue jeans, creased top, bed hair and all. Unrefined and unfashioned - true to the boys self.

Words by Rosie Williams.

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