14 January 2016

Soft blacked out corners, unspoken tones. Let your mind get lost and your body lay still. You’re brought into a world where the luminous white dominates the scene, washing over the exposed details of the skin. You’re moving with the light that’s following you. Unsystematic movements captured in a minimalistic space with your hair separating across your face. Untuck your shirt, let your body fall, situated on the cold floorboards, as your hands begin to travel through the air.

Photographer, Sophie Mayanne captures Herbie Rhodes at Models 1 in this sequence of instant analogue images by Impossible. The deep contrast of moody shadows and fluoresces of white becomes the main focus of this series, as the dark hues fade into the setting. The power of the eyes that sit shut with subtle emotion enthrals an element that simply sooths you. Caught instantly, raw and unedited.

A casual, slouchy vibe is presented in the styling by Samuel Gallagher, as he pairs simple graphic tee’s with a pair of jeans, a style that exudes a youthful vibe. Simple, but the ultimate cool: Kenzo, Liam Hodges, Levi's. Groomer, Joel Babicci keeps a natural face, parting the wavy hair that sits just under the perfectly sculptured jaw. Cropped angles of Herbie’s striking features are highlighted and brought to life.

A poetic vibrancy, with a hint of rebellion.

Above: T-Shirt by LIAM HODGES.

Above: Jacket by KENZO.

Above: T-Shirt by LIAM HODGES, Jeans by LEVI'S, Boots by KENZO.


Words by Vilija Kasignaite.

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