Tumblr Recommendations

21 September 2012

It's no secret that at Boys by Girls, we love Tumblr. Having already shared a list of our favourite boys' who have their very own Tumblrs, we were asked about some others that we like to visit. So here is a little list of some cool, personal blogs that feature male models and awesome menswear.


A collection of beautiful black and white images with a focus on stunning boys. An oasis for the eye, where we often find inspiration, and also are lucky to see some of our Boys by Girls images from time to time.

Strange Foreign Beauty

Beautiful boys in colour and black and white. Another Tumblr blog we regularly visit for inspiration and to find some great images.


A menswear focused blog where we get to keep up to date on the latest trends and often see a lot of our favorite boys. That's two good things all in one, so worth following.

Garcon Portraits

Garcon is French for boy. Our French rock. Clearly. This means this blog is full of male goodness whether it be from an editorial, runway, fashion or portrait perspective.

Katalepsja (Pictorial Culture)

Another beautiful blog, often with a boundary pushing perspective. With a male and androgynous viewpoint, this makes for a visually stunning collection of images.


This is simply a beautiful collection of beautiful boys. What's not to like, right.


The title speaks for itself in another neccessary-to-follow blog for us. Say no more.


We'll forgive the blogger for including girls in this blog, and the the odd 'a little too body focused' image for us personally, but overall this is a beautiful collection of images all in black and white to be inspired by.

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