Travis Smith For “Lessons”

5 December 2013

You know when you take an unexpected road trip or get surprised running into an old friend, and those moments somehow are the ones that always stick with you throughout the years? They are the memories you remember, because they all have a little touch of magic that catches you off guard. You can't really explain magic, but you know that its something special, and that is how we feel about this spontaneous last minute shoot with Travis Smith at Supa Model Management photographed by our editor in chief Cecilie Harris.

The setting was the glamourous floor outside the lift to Cecilie's apartment. The two were on their way back as they ended their day after another shoot, and whilst they were walking they found the perfect spot of light beaming in from the sunset. In true love for creating art neither of them could pass up the opportunity to create something beautiful together. Travis is an amazing model, and Cecilie wanted to capture him as much as she could knowing he wasn't going to be in town for long (such a popular boy). Cecilie describes Travis as a model that is able to create a beautiful moment with whatever challenge is thrown at him in just a matter of seconds. In this case it went something like, "oh look at that light!" Shirt off, click, click and click. She ended loving the results so much that the little series was included in the fifth print issue, and she calls it her "little four page piece of magic".

As I write this, I am ending my last day here at the Boys by Girls family and I couldn't end without letting you all know how much of a pleasure I have had working for this team. The love and fun you all see through your computer screens is all real, as we have shared warm laughs and many cups of tea, while sharing a huge passion for beauty and believing in dreams. Cecilie is able to connect her beautiful vision to everyone looking at her work, and exemplifies not letting anything stop you from reaching for your dreams. This black and white image series portrays that naturally beauty she believes in perfectly, and Travis' ability to connect to the camera creates hauntingly beautiful images.

Each movement that Travis makes can bring a completely different emotion, showing strength and confidence then quickly exuding vulnerability right after. But besides just being very beautiful and a talented model, Travis is also very intelligent. You can learn more about him in our interview with him here.

This definitely fits into the category of spontaneous shoots, but the beauty couldn't be better if it was planned. If you're feeling like taking a lesson from the books of a Boys by Girls adventure, we can give you all the places where you can hunt down our latest issue "Lessons". Consider it a treasure map, but instead of leading you to gold jewels, it leads you to beautiful images.


Words by Wyatt McCollum

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