Torkel For Issue 7

29 December 2014

In a soothing deep blue brushed bedroom he sits. His eyes matching the walls, and you know that under the surface there is something more. Gazing out of his window, his blonde hair falling perfectly, contrasted against the walls. Scandinavians aren’t afraid of colour, and blue breathes atmosphere into the intimate world of Torkel. Blue is associated with depth, trust, wisdom and confidance, and we feel these are words that sits well with this Norwegian boy.

In his house in surburban Oslo, Norway, Sigrid Bjorbekkmo captures the mesmerizing Torkel (Heartbreak Models) for Issue 7: Obsessions. Previewing this beautiful series with a typical Scandinavian feel to it; the colours, the boy, the long blond hair, the blue bathrobe, the wooden panelling, the trees. Sigrid is known for capturing raw and honest images, which is why we were happy to team her up with the stunning Torkel, our little mini viking. Beautifully exposing Torkel in an enchanting way, the pair has created some powerful images showing an insight into Torkels world and personal space. A dash of his inner secrets if you wish.

Make sure to get a copy of Issue 7 to see the full series while it's still in shops. It is also available to buy online.


Words by Clio Clooper.

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