Top 25 Features Of 2013

6 January 2014

As we enter another year, I wanted to look back at 2013 with you all. What an exciting year. So much learned, so much creativity and so much beauty. I always see my photography as a way to tell stories (whether it be my stories or someone elses), and on a selfish level as self discovery and development. Last year a big focus was about what lessons we learn, expressed in issue 5, simply called "Lessons". This is in line with my continuous exploration of male youth, and was something I wanted to dig deeper into.

I find it interesting to see what YOU guys like, compared to what I expect you will enjoy. And I'm pretty impressed with who you have enjoyed to see featured and which images you were drawn to. A mix of previews from our printed editorials, to fashion week coverage and our online features, thank you for all the support in 2013. You guys are awesome and clearly have great taste. But we all knew that.

Photography is such a powerful media, whether it is enjoyed online or through a printed medium that you can touch and smell. Images have a way of understanding our mood like music does, and enable us to escape into our own minds for a little. There is so much beauty that can inspire us all out there, and I want to spend the next year showcasing some of the amazing female photography talent there is out there, as well as featuring male model talent and male talent in general, all mixed in with gorgeous fashion. And we will do this the Boys by Girls way, by searching for honest stories, self expressions and inspiring beauty. 2014 has a good ring to it, don't you think? There is much in store for this year, and I can't wait to see what Boys by Girls features and editorials you guys will find beautiful and inspiring in the year to come. And as we continue to learn and discover what lies beneath the beauty, there is so much more to explore and discover.

Cecilie x

25. Anders Hayward (Supa Model Management) in "The Boy Doesn't Live Here Anymore"
24. An evening with the Justanorm boys

23. Jasper Harvey (Elite Models London)
22. Denzel Wright (Bookings Models) in "Eyes That Burn"

21. Jos & George (Amck Models) in "Welcome To The New Love Club"
20. Roman Kemp (FM Models)

19. London Collections: Men - Topman Design AW13
18. Josh Tuckley (Supa Model Management) in "Choosing Solitude"

17. Joseph (Supa), Alphie (Elite) & Michael (Amck) in "The Wanderers"
16. Faces Of Summer 2013

15. Charlie Wheelhouse (PRM Models)
14. Issue 4 "A Place Called Youth" Release

13. Boys Of London Collections: AW13 - Part 1
12. Thibaut in "Undiscovered"

11. Niclas Nilsson (Request Models)
10. Issue 5 "Lessons" Release

9. Adam Prucha (Stockholmsgruppen) for issue 4 "Lessons"
8. Sam Harwood (Models 1)

7. Charlie Mills (Premier Models) in "Charlie Mills"
6. London Collections: Men AW13 - Part 3

5. Video interview with Union J
4. London Collections: Men AW13 - Part 2

3. London Collections: Men SS14 - Part 1
2. Union J for Issue 5 "Lessons"

1. Fionn Creber (Nevs Models)

Words by Cecilie Harris

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