Tom Odell for Issue 11

31 October 2016

Watching British singer-songwriter Tom Odell perform live was an experience that made time stop a little. Music can have that power over us.

Learning about why our favorites musicians do what they do and where the words we keep singing quietly in our own living rooms are coming from, is often a mystery to be solved. My time with Tom was a series of blissful hours spent over carefully brewed tea, appreciation of the random (like bees), relaxed play with my camera and an equal agreement that the experience of music can take us to unexpected places. His authentic relationship with music, as if it was a committed partnership he can't release himself from, reminded me of my own passion for music. For that I thank him, cause these things are easy to forget in a very fast spinning world.

My conversation with Tom reflected his music; honest, raw, authentic and meaningful. Across his cover feature in this issue, he shares geniune and charming stories from his roots, and goes deeper into the creation of his newly released album "Wrong Crowd". With an issue theme of "Imagined Songs", I can't think of anyone better to discuss this with than Tom Odell.

His inner beauty, as strong as what meets the eye, gently resting across the pages of our Autumn Winter 2016 issue. A story that gives you insight and leaves you visually pleased. One would hope at least. As Tom's humble approach is perfectly suited to the Boys by Girls vision, and belief that it's not us as communicators that have to scream the loudest to be heard - but to be able to leave in the arms of the receiver, to appreciate and interpret as they please.

To indulge in our story of Tom in more than the selected preview below make sure to get a copy of Issue 11 'Imagined Songs', which is available online and in stores now.

Words by Cecilie Harris.

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