Toby Wallace for Issue 10

31 May 2016

Have you ever wanted to pause time? To allow one particular moment to never end?

Sometimes we take the silent never-resting thing we call time for granted. It’s like trying to swim through the vigorous waves of an ocean, you just can’t keep up. A person may no longer be present in flesh but will be imprinted in your life forever, and you’re reminded daily of the little things; from the exchange of giggles to the conversations that kept you hooked for hours.

Photographer, Dani Brubaker re-lives treasured memories as she finds instant comfort when capturing 20 year old London born Australian actor Toby Wallace for Issue 10. She carries inspiration from her former mentor, John Morrill, to form this selection of intimate visuals. Shot in LA, her mentors place becomes the canvas where Dani draws from. The rooms that were left empty, soon awaken from the moment Toby sits in the chair where John and Dani shared long talks. Her immediate connection with Toby convey reminders of a past teenage love, creating effortless fleeting moments. Recently relocating to Southern California, his talent for performing translates through emotions of stillness, as he shares wise words on how he continues to stretch his talent into the future. Dani works closely with stylist, Sean Knight to layer loose tees partially tucked beneath distressed jeans, creating looks that comfortably shift from space to space. This is his stage after all.

This was once a distant memory - a momentary picture transpired behind the psychedelic trance beneath eyelids. Transformed into the present moment, caught in a click of a button and real enough to touch. Memories never die.

Stamped across ten pages of Boys by Girls issue 10, available to buy now in shops and online, the full story of Toby Wallace is revealed.

Photographer DANI BRUBAKER
Grooming JEN FIAMENGO at Walter Schupfer Management

Words by: Vilija Kasiginaite.

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