This Is Us for Issue 15

14 October 2019

Photography Magdalena Wosinska
Fashion Rima Vaidila
Casting Jean Jarvis
Grooming Karolina Bernt at Walter Schupfer Management using Kosas Cosmetics and Amika and Wendy Martinez using Ilia and Kevin Murphy
Onsite Production Annabel White
Cinematographer Patrick Jones
Video Editor Chase Roselli
Sound Josh Copp
Fashion Assistant Sophie Rankell
Words Daniel Grimston
Boys A Klass, Blake McKay, Camrus Johnson, Cody Saintgnue, Diego Tinoco, Dunn Jose at Nomad Models, Eddie Gee aka Cherry Ripe, George Todd McLachlan, Isaac Orozco at Photogenics Models, Rob Raco, Scott Tom, Peiwen Wang, and Wil$on at LA Models

They’re glorious - each one proud in the space they occupy. This is what society could look like: humans side by side, happy with ourselves and each other, radiant. This is what happens when we let each other coexist. This is what happens when we realise that happiness is in the letting go, not the clutching. Live and let live. Let others eyes light up your lives.

This Is Us. These photos are the mirror; photographer Magdalena Wosinska is asking you to see yourself as she takes these known and unknown faces down to the beach to play and wash their differences away. The world they’re making is just within reach - touch it, I dare you. Once you do you’ll see how sun drenches all bodies, no matter where from, no matter what they do, no matter what you call them. Can you hear their laughter? It’s echoed by the waves.

Stylist Rima Vaidila’s clothes hang loose and easy from these forms, as easy as the smiles that soften their faces. Each thread gentle, like a hand offered in friendship. Each colour soft, kind, welcoming you into their day of play. Even the patterns make you want to dance. Joy doesn’t have to be a bright flash – softened, its power is not reduced, simply easier to accept.

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