The Pioneers for Issue 15

14 November 2019

Photography Jade Danielle Smith
Fashion Nathan Henry
Grooming Christabel Draffin at Emma Davies Agency
using Elemis (Alfonso and Edd)
and Masayoshi Fujita (Max and Jack)
Interviews Amy-Jo Breach

The pioneers: the director, the entrepreneur, the craftsman, the stuntman, the acrobat, and the poet. When we speak of modern-day pioneers, we refer to the creative individuals testing and loosening boundaries - pioneers of their generation.

In issue 14, we looked at dreamers and gained an insight into the thoughts and dreams of some of the brightest upcoming stars. In issue 15, we take yet another step forward to explore the intricate young minds defining today. To help shine a continued light on the young generation, through the excited lens of photographer Jade Danielle Smith, we let you into the world of six boys, each with a unique talent and skillset, to find out where their passion stems from and what truly makes them happy. Be it a large sky, a little kindness to strangers or turning off their phone - pockets of happiness that surround us. Dressed in statement fashion pieces from the likes of Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, McQ, Fashion Editor Nathan Henry paves a path for the pioneers to command the pages of issue 15, 'Glede'.

The Director

Get to know young director Jack Cooper Stimpson who talks of his love for filmmaking, how he defines happiness and how we can discover joy amongst the noise - including the possibility of a ‘no phone day’. Fresh off directing comedic short Alex’s Dream (2018), the 23-year-old has just hosted the first screening of his next film, Extinction, which sees Jack directing Emma Thompson and Tom-Glynn Carney in the lead roles and focuses on the terrifying global environmental crisis facing us all.

The Entrepreneur

Unfold CEO Alfonso Cobo understands the shift in storytelling techniques better than most and explains the advantages and pitfalls of growing up with social media. Since being listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 for the success of his Instagram app Unfold, everybody is talking about Alfonso. At 23, when his face appeared on Times Square, everyone wanted to find out how they could use his innovative app to help their Instagram Stories get noticed in an oversaturated landscape of content. PS. We use it daily.

The Stuntman

Welsh actor, stuntman, and creature performer, Edd Osmond, reveals the importance of making your voice heard, especially when you stand at 4’6”. Edd is currently dominating the big screen. Disney’s Dumbo is only the latest in his repertoire of blockbuster roles, following on from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Snow White and the Huntsman. The actor has utilised his talents and optimism to land a number of unique roles.

The Craftsman

While effortlessly carving out the contours of a spoon, spoon craftsman Samuel Alexander describes how ditching digital for analogue through traditional wood crafting can dissolve the worries of the world. His East London workshop floor is covered in scattered shavings and sawdust, soaking in golden hues as the late afternoon sunshine bathes the horizon in saturated warmth. The sound of a blade against wood fades into comforting background noise as Sam loses himself in his happy space. As he brings to life old traditions with a modern spin, he reminds a new generation that there is healing in stepping out of digital and creating physical things with your hands.

The Acrobat

In an East London playground, we speak to Felix Sudberg about acrobatics and walking on stilts down the LFWM catwalk, and in turn, Felix shares his happy place and details the thrill of receiving applause. Plastic moulds tacked to strips of timber suffice as a climbing wall that tempts the acrobat to undertake the mighty feat. He is able to contort his body and use movement in new ways between the towering wooden structures; these cedar constructions are perfect for the gymnast turned circus performer.

The Poet

After a leap from a bachelor’s degree in Biology to a master’s in Creative Writing - without finishing the former - Max Wallis thrived in the latter, becoming an established and published poet and writer with a couple of award nominations under his belt. The perspicacious poet uses his naturally sharp insight to split the world into sections, ready for analysis and interpretation. We took a breather with Max to talk about all things poetry and the meaning of happiness.

In an overwhelmingly saturated decade of content and information, our pioneers are taking a stand against getting caught up in following the crowd and instead pursuing the things that bring them joy. We hope that through our conversations with the boys, you are reminded to prioritise your happiness and share the love.

For more of The Pioneers, take in the full 7-page story in our brand new Autumn Winter '19 issue Glede, available now to buy online and in select stores worldwide.

647800040006Jack-Stimpson-Portrait-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above: Jack wears full look by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

647800020007Jack-Stimpson-Portrait-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above: Alfonso wears full look by MCQ

DSCF6435Edd Osmond-Finals-boybygirls-jds

Above: Edd wears full look by Stella McCartney

DSCF5497Edd Osmond-Finals-boybygirls-jds
DSCF5828Edd Osmond-Finals-boybygirls-jds
DSCF9620Sam Spoon-Final-boysbygirls-selection-jds-copy

Above: Sam wears Jumper and Trousers by Margaret Howell and Shirt by Phoebe English

DSCF9093Sam Spoon-Final-boysbygirls-selection-jds-copy
DSCF9425Sam Spoon-Final-boysbygirls-selection-jds-copy

Above: Felix wears full look by Xander Zhou


Above: Max wears Coat by E. Tautz, Shirt by Tiger of Sweden, Trousers by PS Paul Smith and Shoes by Sandro Homme

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