The Hong Kong Express

12 February 2016

Busy streets, neon lights and fancy food; there are always endless stories constantly being created in big cities. Each one a new mystery to take on. Exploring the harbour in the day and busy streets at night, Bogdan juxtaposes Hong Kong's harsh, relentless ambience with a sense of peace. His naturally boyish charm seeps into the darkest of street corners and lights them with his hidden, mischievious charm.
In their second collaboration, photographer Sophia Kahlenberg captures the Ukranian beauty that is Bogdan Romanovic at Name Management. Although he's not a stranger to Boys by Girls Magazine, Hong Kong uncovers another side of Bogdan that wasn't initially found in his Boy by Girls issue 7 feature. As an illustrator, Bogdan holds a strong artistic soul. He embraces the city of Hong Kong with a soulful welcome, a sense of self-reflection and belonging as if the city was his own.
The Hong Kong reunion took on a documentary approach as opposed to the chic minimalism we saw in Sophia's first portrait series for Boys by Girls with Bogdan back in 2014. Sophia is more than a photographer, she is an author writing the second chapter of Bogdan’s story. Through the chaos and colour that is Hong Kong, the two go story collecting - collecting moments that Bogden can take back home to his three cats.
'We met as strangers and left as friends, feeling as if we had known each other for a long time.'

Words by Linn Chen.

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