The Fruit of Youth

11 April 2016

Sleepovers, skateboards and summer holidays become politics, taxes and war. Cycling endlessly around and within institutions are just burnt remnants of past tribulations. Shrouding our once virtuous perception of the world as adults, innocence becomes corrupted through the trauma of growing up.

What is often misconstrued as naïve, gullible, ignorant or simply being a mere novice in life; innocence is however, such a retrograde ideology that can not be made into fact. Innocence is the purity of humanity. Innocence is freedom. Although the overall population perceives power to be cunningness, corruption and currency, the soul becomes starved and weakened as a result of such exploits, leaving an unnatural vortex within oneself to manoeuvre.

Such purity and innocence of heart is epitomised by the youthful bond shared between 15-year-old twins, Deti and Doni, from Germany. Altering the standardised formula of a portrait series, Laura Kaczmarek channels a pure and natural vibe through her photography, letting the charismatic boys take centre stage to develop strong, honest renditions of their skate session in West Germany. Equipped with a seemingly bottomless 'Mary Poppins bag' full of clothes and special items, the lack of stylist presents us transparency towards the twins’ youthful image. A contrast of black and white against full colour photos exemplify that something so pure and clean can also be flavoursome and bursting with life.

Words by Akhnaton Selbonne-Willie.
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