The Boys of LCM SS15: Day 3

18 June 2014

The Boys by Girls Street Team took to the chaos of London Collections: Men for the final time in aid to deliver insightful and entertaining stories about The Boys of London. Bumping into boys on the tube, in the park and whilst eating lunch, we have met a lot of new people over the last few days bordering our horizons and sparking ideas for our next issue.

With shows such as Katie Eary, A.Sauvage and Paul Smith we were all over the place heading to locations including Kensington Gardens for the Burberry show - a stunning outside venue thanks to the wonderful English weather holding out.

So here is our final installment of Boys of LCM where we managed to grab ourselves an official BBG chef, Roze. All the best for both Paris and Milan fashion week and have a good summer boys. Can’t wait to catch up with you all soon.

Kristoffer Hasslevall and Florian Luger at Elite London

So how was the Burberry show?
Yeah I think the show was amazing, it was the first time I did the show with Burberry and I really liked it yeah. It’s the best show in London.

Burberry always put on a good shoe, the venue is amazing! How did you find it?
Yeah it was amazing I’ve walked Burberry once before and it’s always amazing. Gets better every year.

That’s so cool. Have you done any other shows this season?
Yes! Well in London I’ve done Topman, James Long and Jimmy Choo.

Who else have you walked for Kristoffer?
I did DKNY yesterday, Pringle of Scotland and that’s it so far.

Some amazing shows then. What is your top tip for surviving LCM?
Eat good, sleep good.
Florian: And do sports.

Do sports?

What sports do you play?
Florian: Cardio and everything.

Botond Cseke at SUPA Model Management

Hey, where are you originally from?
I’m originally from Budapest in Hungary.

Have you been to the UK before?
Yeah, I’ve been quite a few times. I really like it. I think London is such a special city.

Special is one way of putting it, I would just say busy haha. What’s your favourite city you’ve been to?
Good question, I like a lot of cities because everyone is different. But I think maybe Barcelona, and then England haha.

What shows have you walked in this season?
James Long and some others. It’s been so crazy I’ve lost track of time. haha

Last question; what is your favourite food?
I LOVE pizza.

Ty at Premier Models and Adam Abraham at Models 1

What shows are you walked in this season?
Ty: None! Haha no I did Kent and Curwen 2 days ago and we are both doing SANKUANZ by GQ CHINA now.

Did you have a childhood hero growing up
Ty: Michael Jordan, he was an amazing basketball player! I was obsessed with him.

Did you used to play basketball?
Ty: Yeah, I did a bit. I would like to think I’m as good as Michael Jordan but I’m probably crap.
Adam: Tong Hawk!
Ty: That’s legit.
Adam: I always wanted to be a skateboarder.
Ty: Do you still skate now?
Adam: A little bit, but only on penny board to get from A to B.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Ty: Ha ha, my girlfriend would kill me, but to be honest I wouldn’t want a celebrity girlfriend. For a man I think it would be degrading and just too much pressure. I can tell you though it wouldn’t be Beyonce.

What! She is a goddess.
Noo noo definitely not!

If you could walk for any designer who would it be?
Ty: Personally my favourite designer is Adrian A.Sauvage, I think he is amazing.

Are you walking for him a little later?
Ty: Hopefully yeah, I think he has good character, good energy and is just so cool.

If you could give any advice to models about LCM what would it be?
Ty: Always eat well, and you should eat at The Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill on All Saints Road, which is not me and my mates resturant. Hahahah.

Haha, name drop.

Darwin at Storm

Are there any shows you have really enjoyed doing over the last few days?
Yeah, I loved doing Topman! It was really fun.

It was really cool actually, the prints and cuts where so great. Got any plans for the summer?
Yeah, I’m going on a lads holiday to Crete which will be good. Think we’re going to Malia.

What’s your favourite food?
Fast food. I love Pizza, McDonalds and KFC, but I think pizza is my favourite.

Have you got any embarrassing stories?
Not really. But I suppose having the name of Darwin is pretty embarrassing.

Noo I like the name Darwin.
I’m not so sure.

If you could be anyone dead or alive who would you be?
Probably me! I’m boring like that, I’m pretty content at the moment.

That’s good. Do you do anything outside of modelling?
I used to play a lot of football, but I’ve pretty much stopped now cause Im always busy. Modelling is taking a lot of my time at the moment.

Do you miss it?
Yeah a lot, but I can’t really commit to it anymore. I play when I’m home on a Monday night.

Are you following the World Cup?
I cant! I keep missing it.

You could have watched it the other night.
I was busy, I’ve been working every night till like 1130/1.

Who are you betting to win?
Erm I don’t know. I’m supporting England obviously, but The Netherlands are doing well.

Gryphon O'Shea at Select, Paul Boche at Elite, Henry at Tomorrow Is Another Day.

How did you find the A.Sauvage show?
It was actually probably my favourite clothing this season.

Have you been busy this week?
Gryphon: Oh my god.
Paul: Yeah, very difficult. It’s the most difficult fashion weeks to do because everything is so spread out and crammed into much shorter time than any other city. So its been tough.
Gryphon: You basically do castings and fittings for shows in less than four days. My feet are covered in blisters, it’s fucking awful.

Haha, I can imagine. How would you describe yourself in three words?
Gryphon: VERY BAD MODEL, hahah.
Paul: How do I top that. Professional, handsome and on time.
Gryphon: Sophisticated. Hahah.

Whats your favourite food?
Gryphon: Pizza.

Everyone says pizza!
Paul: So sophisticated
Henry: Sushi and Samosas.
Paul: Samosas are fucking amazing.

Hahah. Thanks for the in put. Tell us a little about yourself.
Hahah yeah, I’m Henry and I’m tired.

Hahah! When you were younger did you have any childhood heroes?
I’m not sure if it was childhood but Morrissey.
Gryphon: David Bowie.

Very cool! Are you in to music then?
Gryphon: Yeah. I’m a musician.

Amazing. Are you a musician as well?
No! I wish. Have you seen the album cover Unknown Pleasures. I’ve got a tattoo of it on my arm. I would show you but I have too many layers on.

Really cool, I love Joy Division. What’s your band called?
Gryphon: I’m a solo project. But my name is going to be Echo People.

What sort of music is it?
Gryphon: Its not really dance music, it’s more mellow. It’s intelligent stuff.
Paul: Sophisticated.
Gryphon: Sooo sophisticated.

What are you up to tonight?
Well we’re heading to Paris and Milan.
Henry: I’m just going home.

Hahaha, the life of a model. Who are you walking for in Paris and Milan?
Not sure yet, loads of castings, fittings and heading to different shows.

Are you excited?
Paul: Totally, I’m so excited.
Gryphon: Stooookkkeedd!

Stoookeed! Hopefully the weather will be a bit better
Gryphon: I’m excited to leave London.

Do you not like London?
Gryphon: No, I love London but the weather really gets you down sometimes. Haha.

Jin Dachuan at Next Models

How did you find the Burberry show?
The show was very cool, was amazing in fact.

Was this your first time walking for Burberry?
Yeah, that was my first time.

Have you enjoyed your time in London?
Well London is my favourite my city.

Awh it is pretty good. What’s your favourite English delicacy?
Ermm its not really English, but my favourite food is chicken. I eat chicken everyday.

Where’s your favourite place to go in London?
The London eye you can see everything. Very touristy.

How would describe yourself in a word?
I dunno. Cooool.

What do you do when you're not modelling?
Yeah, I’m a student. I do fashion in China.

Jake at Tomorrow Is Another Day, Ziggy at Milk and Phoenix at Select.

Have you all been busy over LCM?
Ziggy: Yeah the last two days were really busy.

Have you had a favourite show?
Ziggy: The last show we did was fun, Katie Eary (warily looks at the other boys).

What was with the look?
Ziggy: haha nothing, I was just looking for reassurance.
Phoenix: Haha yeah.

Describe yourself in one word?
Phoenix: Modest!

That’s very sweet.
Ziggy: I think describing yourself is defeating the purpose, you're bigging yourself up.

Have you had freckles drawn in?
Ziggy: Yeah! I had them drawn on for the Katie Eary show!

Awh sweet. Okay how would you describe Jake?
Ziggy: Cool, relaxed, chilled and laid back.

If you could be anyone dead or alive who would you be?
Phoenix: Matthew McConaughey
Ziggy: Ohh that’s a good.
Jake: I would definitely be Andy Warhol or
Phoenix: *whispers*John Lennon
Ziggy: Maybe not, I don’t want to be shot.

What do you do outside of modelling?
Ziggy: I’m still at school doing my A Levels. I want to do Biochemistry when I’m finished.

The complete opposite to modelling then.
Ziggy: Yeah
Jake: I would be Robert Mapplethorpe.

What are you doing at the moment?
Phoenix: I’m starting university at San Francisco.

What are you going to study?
Phoenix: Psychology. I’m kind of using it to branch out into loads of different subjects. You use psychology everywhere.
Jake: I’ve been studying a music business degree. I’ve played for a bunch of bands, but at the moment I’m playing in one called Brazil.

Will have to have a listen. What do your tattoos mean?
Jake: Nothing, I just like the permanence. There just like russian criminal. I’ve got one on my leg that my friend did when we were drunk in my front room.

Would you say that was your favourite?
Jake: Yeah for sure, it was my first one.

It has a story behind it. Who was your childhood hero?
Ziggy: Ohhh I don’t want to be cliché, but I would probably have to go with my dad.

Ziggy: Haha everyone has to say their dad. My dad is pretty chilled and laid back.
Jake: Maybe Pocahontas.

Is that the inspiration for your hair?
Jake: Haha perhaps.

Have you got any party tricks?
Jake: I can juggle (successfully juggles with three cigarette packets).

Very impressive. Have you got any last words?
Ziggy: Yes! Each man is the guard of his own story. Can’t remember who said it, but its my computer screen saver so means a lot.
Jake: I am tomorrow, what I can leave forever.

Did you just make that up?
Jake: Haha, Yeah!

Haha thanks.

Almantas Petkenas at Elite London

Did you enjoy the Burberry show?
It was very very classy. There was a lot of looks I really liked, the colours and stuff.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would it be?
Enthusiastic. Outgoing. Happy.

Any plans for the summer?
Yeah, I’ve got fashion weeks in Paris and Milan and then I’m going back to my country Lithuania for holidays.

Awh sweet! How are you finding England?
I love it! I live in North London.

What’s your favourite thing about London?
It’s really open minded.

Such a nice way to describe London, most people just say busy. What is your favourite food?
I don’t want to say pizza cause its obvious, but its definitely pizza!

Gustaaf Wassink at SUPA Model Management and Max at Premier Model Management

How did you find the Burberry show?
Gustav: It was pretty cool yeah. Was nice weather, good sun, live music. Was really really good, we all enjoyed it.

Have you walked in any other shows for this season in London?
Gustav: Yes in total I’ve done 8.

Oh wow! Who did you walk for?
Gustav: Topman, Richard Nicoll. Alexander McQueen and MAN were a few designers part of it.

You’ve been busy!
Gustav: I’ve been busy yeah! DKNY as well, it was really cool. It’s my first full season here with my agency and it went really really well for me.

Do you do anything outside modeling?
Gustav: No not really. I was in high school, but I started modeling half a year ago and it went so well that I quit school and started full time.

Where do you see yourself in forty years time?
Gustav: 40 years, that’s a long time! I wanna settle in the Caribbean. I’m Dutch and the Caribbean is a part of Holland, so i’ve been there as a child a lot of times and I really wanna go back to visit once I’ve made enough money and I have the time. I’ll settle there.

That would be the dream. What’s your favourite city?
Gustav: Got to be Paris. The last six months I’ve been there a lot and I really got used to the city and the way it works. It’s very multi cultural, everyone's cool with each other.

Haluk at Anti-Agency

Have you walked for many shows this season?
None, Nasir Mazhar is first one.

What sort of things do you do outside of modelling?
I do illustration. I study at Camberwell. It’s good. I can just be creative and do my own thing.

How would you describe yourself?
Lazy! Literally just lazy.

What would you say is your best feature?
Ermm my hair is pretty cool.

Yeah, its great, looks so native.
Yeah well I have a native American background actually.

Haha, knew it! Is there anything that scares you?
Not really. I actually love spiders, think they are great. They get to just walk around on eight legs all day.

Ha! Where are you off too after the show?
An after party I think, so it should be a good night.

Roze at Elite Models London

Have you done many shows this season?
I just got here from New York not really ha. But I did a great show just now with A.Sauvage.

Yeah everyone said it was amazing! Did you have a favourite look?
My first look was amazing, it was an all black trench coat and it was unbelievable, I loved it.

If you had describe yourself in three words?
Definitely cool and I dunno exquisite, different.

Good words. Have you got any pick up lines you use on the ladies?
How much does an ice age animal weigh...enough to break the ice?

That’s magic, haven’t heard that one yet. What is your favourite food?
I’m actually a chef, so I do a private events for people who are in the fashion industry. I’m very into French Italian cuisine.

Oh wow, what’s your speciality?
I’m a genius when it comes to fish, sea bass is my favourite

Sea bass is great, is that what you would like to do over modelling?
For me I have this whole image to show people you can be in two careers and being a chef/model is what I do and I’m making it happen.

Final words...have you got any quotes you live by?
For me its like, make a do what a do. You know make things happen, less talk more work.

So wise. You're very wise.

Words by Mollie Smee.
Interviews by Rosie Williams, Cat Wilding and Mollie Smee.
Photography by Caoimhe Hahn.

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