The Boys of LCM SS15: Day 2

17 June 2014

With the second day over, we managed to catch up with a few boys in the midst of the chaos that we call London Collections: Men. Beginning the day with the mission to dig a little deeper into the boys and find out what they are really like behind their beautifully chiseled bone structure, we managed to be swooned, charmed and enticed by the ‘it’ boys of this season.

With each interview managing to make us laugh with their entertaining stories and cheeky comments, these boys from around the world definitely proved themselves to be more than just a pretty face and kings of the catwalk. Each coming from completely different backgrounds with very different visions of the future, these boys all meet in the hub of mens fashion to showcase the new designs of the season.

It was great to catch up with a few familiar faces as well as meet some new boys on the block yesterday. Good luck for the last day boys! We'll be around today again, so come say hi and share your fashion week stories.

Enjoying our run ins with the boys of the London Collections, see who we encountered on day 1 of LCM.

Angus McGuinness at Models 1

Let’s start with an easy one, shall we? Tell me an embarrassing story!
Well, erm, it actually happened yesterday, I was walking down Oxford Street and I wanted to get rid of my chewing gum, thought I would pull off such a Michael Jordan at the bin, took a shot and accidentally threw it at an older woman!!! The chewing gum bounced off her hand and went right into her pocket. She stopped and gave me such an evil look, thought I threw it at her on purpose, I said sorry and ran away. So embarrassing!

This is horrendous, you’re such a badass. Like living life on the edge?
Please! I’m a badass on a daily basis. Just the other day I smacked my head and got a concussion from banging it on the cellar, should have seen all the blood!

Ew, that’s gross. How was hospital food then?
Well I only got a Snickers bar, but they told me I wouldn’t probably be able to hold it in for long as I had a concussion, so then I was hungry and my head hurt. Unlucky.

Wow. You truly are well gangsta. So, a homie like you should have a kick-ass pick up line.
Actually, I don’t. And I don’t buy drinks for girls. Girls are horrible you know, they take the drink and are like ‘oh well, cheers for that, bye!’.

Haha, you’ve read your Bro Code.

Sang Woo Kim at Select Models Managment

Sang! My favourite Korean. How you doing?
Yo, I’m good. And don’t call me a Korean! I was born and bread in London. I have a 100% Asian face, but a royally English accent.

True that! You sound like you’re from Downtown Abbey. I’m actually surprised you’re not wearing your Burberry bucket hat. What happened?
Haha, figured out I should chill a bit with the bucket hat. I wouldn’t shut up about it. Looking back I think I was a walking and talking ad for Burberry bucket hats.

Well they’re cute. My papa has one, he’s a fisherman.
(awkward silence followed by an evil look).

I need to ask, do you like sushi?
(putting on a stereotypical Asian accent) No, no, no, no, I not like sushi, no. I’m so funny, me no like sushi.

Patrick Dooley at Premier Model Managment

Let’s get down to business shall we? Tell me, what scares you?
Oh man, I’m terrified of clowns! The painted faces, red noses, ew, they are soooo creepy. I also hate copper coins.

Hold on, you’re scared of copper coins? Bit random Patrick. Why?
Because they are so ugly and I feel like they’ve been around for so long and just make me cringe, I have no idea really.

Who was your childhood hero?
Tracy Beaker! I still live for her, she is my true inspiration. TB number one fan here (points at himself).

Wow, you’re a real groupie! What’s your favourite food?
Pesto pasta! Especially when my bestie Joel Mignott makes it. I could eat just pesto pasta for the rest of my life. Pesto pasta and Tracy Beaker play an equally important role in my life.

So I guess a perfect day is a marathon of TB while eating pesto pasta?
Yes!!!!! Way too busy for this at the moment, but this is certainly a plan.

Kern Charles at D1 Models

Yo Kern! A Florida sunshine in rainy London. What up?
Hiya, I’m good. Bit chilly, but it’s actually alright.

I have to ask, do you like CSI: Miami? It’s my favorite.
What? No! It’s pretty lame. The ginger guy with the glasses is pretty annoying. He’s so patronizing when he drops a line and puts the glasses on.

How dare you! That's our two minute friendship over if you don’t like it. Moving on, as an American, do you have a junk food addiction?
Oh yes! I eat pizza. A lot. I mean, just so much. Lots. Of. Pizza.

Seems like you take your pizza pretty seriously. Any final words of wisdom?
When I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist. I just think everyone should know that.

Joel Meacock at Next Models

I’m a bit sad, because the weather is awful. Tell me a funny story.
Well last night I was watching the football in a bar and the Big Issue man came along and out of the blue asked me what’s the difference between an egg and a wank. Answer, you can beat an egg, but you can’t beat a wank.

Oh dear, so inappropriate.
Yeah I’m not sure you can post that! Sorry BBG, I don’t know any other jokes!

Hmmm it's ok, we forgive you. Do you miss Australia?
I miss the space so much. New York is so crowded, people bump into me constantly. In Aussie you have your own little space, and can breathe without having someone’s backpack in your face. I also miss the beach, just chilling, tanning surfing. You can’t do it in NYC.

Do you have a food addiction?
Yes! I’m majorly addicted to chicken. I eat chicken for every meal. Mostly chicken pasta, because that’s all I can make haha.

Louren Groenewald at Next Models

Next in London, Elite in Milan and MGM in Paris, boy you’re on fire! A real South African treasure.
Haha thanks, I’m loving it, such a great experience. Though I miss Cape Town, I feel blessed to be where I am now meeting all those incredible people, visiting new places. I might even be going to NYC in 5 months.

Wowza. Do you like Die Antwoord? Alongside you the next great South African treasure.
Yeah! I love them! They’re awesome. (me singing ‘Baby On Fire’) Haha I see you have your favourite song.

That song is amazing. Actually, what do you think about my South African slang - ‘jou ma se poes in n fishpaste jar’ ?
Yeaaaah. It’s interesting you say that, we don’t say that often, but Die Antwoord does haha.

Okay last question and we'll let you go, what does your diet consist of?
Bread & raspberries!

Dominick Carisch at Storm Models

Hi Dom, are you following the World Cup? Who’s your favourite player?
Ronaldo! Well actually I’m not that into football.

Rugby then? You’re a Wallabies fan?
Meh, not really. I mean, they are doing great, but not so that I would sit and watch it. Got better things to do.

Are you truly Aussie? Do you like Vegemite?
Yuck! No! Someone who came up with it was a nutter. It tastes horrible.

Yeah, I’m not a big fan either. Any last words?
I don’t think I’m good at interviews haha!

We think you did wonderful. We give you interview points. Why not, we're nice like that.

Words by Mollie Smee.
Interview by Aida Ainsworth.
Photographs by Alicja Zielasko.

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