The Boys of LCM SS15: Day 1

16 June 2014

Yesterday saw the kick off (pardon The World Cup pun) to London Collections Men Spring/Summer 15. We like to usher in a new season by getting out and about and hunting down The Boys Of LCM.

We roamed the streets of central London to chew the fat with the LCM boys and get a little insider look at what they're up to over the next few days . Setting up camp at BFC Show Space (Victoria House) just in time for the Lou Dalton show we were suddenly envolped by the beautiful boys. Always charming and willing to give us a spare five minutes to natter away to us about the upcoming shows and future plans, the boys of LCM are unique. After the punishing schedule of LCM most boys will be on flights to Paris and Milan a few days later to start the process all over again, all for the love of fashion.

With the weather just about holding out, we managed to search out a few newbies beginning their first ever season. Fresh faced and perky we caught up with the new school of 2014. We also bumped into a few old favourites including Mac Phiri and Matt Ardell who even gave us a cheeky little selfie… “Tell me if I look cute.” I honestly commend the boys for their perseverance and positivity, racing from one show to another without even moaning.

Good luck for the next few days boys and thank you so much for allowing us a little snippet of your time. Be sure to keep look out for tomorrow's Boys of LCM. Who knows who we will bump into.

Matt Ardell at FM London

Hey, it's Matt! How have you been since your shoot last week with Cecilie?
She is so sweet, but it was really fun. I feel bad I showed up really late.

Haha, no it’s fine you just missed the tea and coffee run. And Marc wouldn't have been able to instagram those hillarious snail images. Can you tell us what shows you are in this season?
I’m not sure I’m allowed to say, but they are good. I’ve just done Kent Curwen and I’m doing Christopher Shannon later tonight.

Really cool! You seem to always be working. What do you do outside of modelling?
I study fine art at fashion institute of technology.

Do you enjoy it?
Erm…I like painting, but I don’t know about the school.

Do you think you are going to concentrate more of your time on modelling once you finish college?
Well, I’m not really sure if you can choose modelling, it kind of chooses you.

Wise words Matt, wise words. PS. Is it us, or does it look like Matt has a politician body guard in this image?

Dylan Hartigan at Models 1

Where are you off too now?
I’m just on my way to Christopher Shannon.

Have you got many plans for after LCM?
Yea, I can’t wait to properly start my summer. I’m going to outlook festival in Croatia and a few other festivals.

So fun. Who you going there with?
I’m going out their with a couple of mates. I’m a bit of a festival boy really.

Have you got interesting facts about yourself?
I have two different colour eyes, one is blue and one is green, which is pretty cool.

Laurie Harding at SUPA Models Management

What shows are you doing today?
I’ve got quite a few actually. I’ve got Topman first, then Jonathon Saunders and Richard Nicoll a little later. I’m sure there is someone else too, ahah.

Which ones are you most looking forward too?
Over the weekend I’m looking forward to Alexander McQueen the most. I’m not walking for Burberry, but it’s going to be a good show too!

Are you going over to Paris or Milan?
Yeah I’m going to Paris, Milan and then Tokyo after.

You’re so busy.
Yeah I’m busy, but it's good. I don’t think I’m going to be coming home for like 6 months after I get to Tokyo, which will be fun.

Malcolm at SUPA Models Management

How was the MAN show?
IT WAS FUN. I've just finished my first show.


How long ago were you scouted for modelling?
Just over three weeks a go.

Are you enjoying it?
Yeah I love it!

What is your favourite thing about London?
The really good night life.

Oliver Cookson at AMCK Models

What shows are you doing today?
Good question. Today I’ve got YMC, Matthew Miller and Christopher Raeburn.

Do you do anything outside of modelling?
Yeah! I play music.

Are you in a band?
Yes, Victims Athletic! I’ve got a new band starting up as well, I won't tell you the name of that band though, it’s a bit hush hush at the moment.

What sort of music?
It’s very hard to pin down. My main band Victim Athletic, is kind of noise rock, sonic youth influenced and stuff. The new band I couldn’t even begin to describe to you. It’s going to be interesting.

Mac Phiri at AMCK Models

What shows are you doing this season?
I’m doing quite a few. I started off with YMC this morning and then I’ve got Matthew Miller, E. Tautz and A. Sauvage over the next couple of days.

Are there any shows your really looking forward too?
In London or other countries?

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to Phillip Klein cause they have the best after parties.

Jackson Hale at SUPA Models Management

How are the shows going today?
The shows today have been good. I’m doing Topman in a bit and then I’ve got DKNY and Christopher Shannon.

Amazing, are you heading over to Paris after?
I don’t know about that yet. I’ve got quite a few shows in London over the next few days, which will keep me busy.

Do you do anything outside of modelling?
Yeah, I’m at college studying photography and history of art at the moment.

Where do you study?
Here in London.

Do you enjoy it?
Studying or modelling?

Yeah, to be honest it’s all really good. Modelling is really interesting and I find my course challenging. They go together quite nicely as well.

Luke Glazier and Denam Hendry at Elite London

What shows have you been walking today?
Denam: We’ve both just done Lou Dalton. Then I’ve got Christopher Shannon later.
Luke: I’ve got JW Anderson tomorrow.

Are you going to Paris or Milan?
Luke: Well hopefully, its kind of our first season so we’re still learning.

How long have you been modelling for?
Denam: Just about 2 months now.

Do you come as a pair?
Denam: Haha, no! We both signed with our agency at roughly the same time, so we became friends through that.

Are you students?
Luke: Yeah. We're both still go to college.

What do you study?
Luke: I’m at Lincoln college studying music.

Sweet, are you in a band?
Luke: Yeah, it’s called Skylines.

I’ll definitely have a listen. What about yourself?
Denam: I live down in Plymouth, where I do double public services.

So the opposite to modelling?
Denam: Haha yeah, but I don’t want to do that anymore.

Jester at Select and Ned at Established Models

Have you walked many shows today?
Jester: Not yet, we’ve both got Richard Nicoll and Christopher Shannon later.

Any summer plans?
Jester: Dunno yet, cant make plans with this job! haha
Ned: This summer I’m actually going to be in a French movie.

Wow. Whats it called?
Ned: Im not sure yet, it’s a French speaking film.

Are you an actor?
Ned: Yeah, but the part will be non speaking cause I don’t speak a word of French, haha. Its being filmed in Belgium, which will be amazing!

Paul Carrigan at Storm Models

What shows have you done today?
YMC, Astris Andersen, Christopher Raeburn and I’m just off to Christopher Shannon now.

How were the shows?
Pretty good, it's cool to just be in and around London at this time.

Are you heading over to Paris or Milan?
I fly to Milan on Tuesday night.

That will keep you busy. Is there any time for rest as a model?
Haha, actually yes. Once I finish in Paris I go to Palma for a week and then I’m off to Dubai for a bit. It’s nice to get away especially after fashion weeks when it gets so manic and busy.

Nicholas Smith at Next Models and Alex Sinclair at FM Models

What show are you waiting to do?
Nicholas: We’re just about to do the Christopher Shannon show.

Have you been busy this week?
Alex: Yes so busy with castings and stuff at the moment but its all fun and games.

Are you students?
Alex: Yeah, I study mechanical engineering at UCL.

Do you enjoy it?
Alex: Kind of. Its hard work, but I’m sure ill be happy at the end of it

Where you about’s are you from originally?
Alex: Ethnically I’m from New Zealand and Taiwan, but my accent is quite European.

What about yourself?
Nicholas: I’m at college doing history, politics and economics at the moment. Hopefully I’ll go to uni next year.

Ben Rees at AMCK Models

What shows have you got confirmed so far?
Well I’ve just finished for the day now and I’m not really sure about Monday or Tuesday.

Are you heading to Paris or Milan?
I hope so! I’m going inter-railing this summer, so would cool to link the two together.

Amazing where are you looking to go in Europe?

It’s the main place I want to spend my time

Have you got any interesting facts?
Not about me, but I have a cat with three legs called Lavender.

Joel Mignott at AMCK Models

Hey Joel, one of the stars of our "Boys In Bedrooms" features in issue 6, and also part of our current Exhibition "Boys At Home"!

What shows have you done so far?
I've already done YMC and I still have Matthew Miller to go, and that’s all I've confirmed so far.

Are you a student?
Well, Ive just finished college.

What did you study?
Fashion and Textiles.

Is that something you want to go in to?
No not really! I actually want to be an estate agent.

Oh wow! So very different
Haha yes you could say that.

Well good luck with that!
Thank you!

Max Streely at D1 Models

What shows are you doing today?
Today I’m doing topman and one after, but I cant remember what its called.

Is modelling your full time job?
No, I've literally just finished sixth form on Tuesday.

What did you study?
I did economics, sociology, design and media.

Do you know where you want to go in to?
Im having a year out and then I think im going to go on to a design course or something.

Words and Interview by Mollie Smee.
Photographs by Caoimhe Hahn.

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