The Boys Of LCM AW14: Day 1

6 March 2019

Yesterday was the start of something very special; and we were eager to explore the streets of central London where the boys of London Collections: Men would be hanging about in between all the fantastic shows that are kicking off the week. We are talking Topman, Matthew Miller, Margaret Howell, Katie Eary, Christopher Shannon and many more, and we couldn't wait! But alas, we arrived first thing in the morning at the hub of The Hospital Club to be greeted with not a surge of wonderful boys ready and waiting to chat to us, but a pretty spectacular downpour of heavy rain.

Thankfully, the weather decided to be kind, and when we headed back out we were greeted with not only beautiful sunshine, but also beautiful boys! We got a chance to catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones, who talked us through their LCM experience so far and the exciting adventures that they expect over the London Collections. Hats off to the boys' perseverance - not only are they running from show to show in London this week, but many are also flying out to Paris and Milan to do the same thing there. So here we bring you the boys of LCM day one. And as you read through their interviews and feel the warmth of your sofa, do send us a thought who walked through rain and such things to capture this feature to share with you all.

Matt Ardell at FM Models

Hi Matt, tell us more about yourself
I’m Matt Ardell and DNA is my mother agency, but in London I’m with FM Models.

What shows are you doing today?
Today I did Bobby Adley, and tomorrow I’m headed to Milan.

Shows in Milan too?
I hope so! I’m gonna be walking Versace in my silk robe.

Haha, sounds amazing!
And maybe some like wrestler boots, and a belt. I’ve really been hitting the gym hard for this Versace thing! So… be on the lookout!

Matthew Bell at Elite Models London

What shows have you done so far this London Collections?
I’m currently waiting for Jonathan Saunders. Then I'll find out the rest later.

Are you going to Milan and Paris?
I am, I just got here from castings in Paris and I’m flying out to Milan this Wednesday.

What are you looking forward to most about going to Milan?

Any plans for this evening after a long day of shows?
I think I will go back home and snuggle up and sleep! I tidied my bedroom so it will be nice cozy night in.

Chris at Storm Models

What shows have you done so far?
I’ve got Matthew Miller now, and then we'll see what happens after that.

Is there anything you're particularly looking forward to in the next few days?
Just being around London and getting to see the shows and be involved in fashion week!

It's pretty exciting! Are you going to Paris and Milan?
Yeah I am, I came back from Paris castings last week, I'm not going to Milan this season, as I’m really busy with uni work.

Oh cool, what do you study?
I study illustration and I’m finishing in five months, so its crazy at the moment. Third year is really hectic!

What are doing after this next show then?
Ive got a casting for KTZ and then I’m going to go into uni and do some work.

Wow, that’s commitment! Have you got a blog where we can see some of your work?
Yeah, I've got a website actually, its You can find my work on there.

Ben at Tomorrow Is Another Day

What shows are you walking for this season?
Matthew Miller and Bobby Abley today, and then I'll find out the rest later.

Pretty last minute! Are you going to Paris or Milan?
Yeah, hoping to do Raf Simmons and Rick Owens in Paris, you never know! Castings are done for London, and then Milan I just have to wait and see when I go out there. And Paris, yeah I just need to wait and see what happens.

What are you most excited about?
Just getting to Paris, I love Paris! Iit will be my third or fourth season there.

Who have you walked for previously?
Raf Simmons, Rick Owens, Kenzo, Philp Lim, some others that I cant remember right now!

Who has been your favourite to walk for?
Rick Owens, definitely. The shows are just mental; some of the stuff he does is crazy. Last season he had these guitarists hanging upside down, it's just amazing. It was in this massive arena thing, it’s just a great show and the team is really nice as well.

Laurie at Supa Model Management

Hi Laurie, are you off to many shows this season?
Maybe six or seven!

Are you venturing to Milan or Paris too?
I’m heading to Paris, Milan and then Hong Kong.

What do you do besides modelling?
Unfortunately there’s not much time to. It’s now a full time gig for me! My little feet hurt sometimes, haha. I run around a lot – but it’s good fun.

Where are you heading off to now?
I have two fittings for Alexander McQueen now, and I have Xhander Zhou show too. It’s always really cool clothes, so I’m looking forward to that one.

Dean James and David Lavi at Premier Models

What shows are you guys walking for today?
DJ: Bobby Abley!
DL: Yeah Bobby Abley as well.

What are you looking forward to most about the next upcoming days?
DJ: Probably just the excitement of the shows, this is my first London Collections, so I'm really excited and a bit nervous.

Aww, what are you most nervous about?
DJ: Just going out there and having everyone look at me. I am used to it, but I still get nervous.
DL: We're professionals, we will get the job done!

Andre at Elite London

How have the shows been so far?
This was my first one so far!

How did it go?
It was good! It was quite a long presentation, but it was pretty good. Really amazing collection and nice coats!

That sounds good!
And I may have drunk a little champagne...

Well that's never a bad thing. Are you doing anything else at the moment?
Yes, but I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise! But you’ll see me again, haha.

We also bumped into a couple other boys who we didn't get the chance to catch up with, including Roberto from MRA Models and a couple of the Justanorm boys.

Words by Cleo Glover.
Photographs by Paola Vivas.
Interviews by Sara Gilmer & Cleo Glover.

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