The Boys Of LCM AW14: Day 3

9 January 2014

On the final day of the London Collections: Men, the Boys by Girls street team were back on the streets for the last time to try and catch up with our favourite boys. We already bumped into some lovely people on days one and two and we knew day three would be just as eventful. Day one went like this, and day two went like this.

With shows such as Sibling, Christopher Shannon and Burberry to look forward to, we put on our warmest jumpers and sensible shoes and headed out to locations which included Kensington Gardens for the Burberry show - a beautiful setting for beautiful boys! Here's who we chatted with today.

Oh, and we were also sporting our wonderful t-shirts that were printed especially for the fashion week- they got quite a bit of attention with the lovely Fionn Creber even managing to squeeze himself into a women's size small - quite an achievement!

Hi Fionn! How have you been since we last saw you?
Excellent, thanks.

What did you get up to over the holidays?
I went to Ireland for a week and saw all my little cousins, and I went to the zoo. That was fun!
Did you get anything nice from Father Christmas?
I got my two front teeth and that's all I really wanted. Haha but really, I got my new phone and I'm happy with it.
And how was your New Years?
Well, I only remember half of it… and that bit was good, yeah.
What shows have you been doing?
I've had E Tautz this year, again!
Are you going to Paris or Milan?
Nope, I've got school. I'm still little Fionn, still seventeen!
So, what are you doing for the rest of the week?
I think I'm going to go meet up with a couple of friends and go for a drink. I'm probably just going to chill. It's always nice to hang around London during fashion week. It's fun.
Any last words?
Put me in your next issue!

Joe Collier At FM London

Hey Joe, what shows have you been doing this week?
Margaret Howell, Hackett, Xander Zhou and John Smedley so far.

Which one did you like the most?
Hackett. I really enjoyed it, it’s a really smart look.

Are you going to Paris or Milan?
Milan this afternoon!

Tell me 3 interesting facts about yourself?
Manchester City fan....Manchester City fan, Manchester City fan!

I wonder where your from?!

No way! Do you still live there?
No, I live in New York.

Amazing, so you’re just in London for LCM then?
Yeah just to do the shows.

So what do you get up to in New York?
Just modeling.

You not studying anywhere?
Nope, just a silly model!

Any big ideas for after modeling?
Get into property and make loads of money.

Joey Rogers at Supa Models

Hey Joey, we can see you are in a rush, but how was walking for Burberry?
Yeah it was good!

You off to Paris and Milan?
I’m going to Milan tomorrow morning, but I’m not going to Paris. I’ve got too much uni work to be doing.

What do you study?
Film production.

Which show would be a dream to walk for??
Prada probably. I like the clothes, they’re all sexy and stuff!

Cheers. Now run Joey, run!

Dylan Jones at Premier Models

Hi Dylan, tell us a bit more about you!
Well I’m Dylan, I’m 18, and I’m from Premier!

And how have the shows been treating you?
Well this is my fourth show! It’s going pretty good to be fair.

What do you get up to otherwise?
I’m a floorlayer! It’s a bit different from this haha.

Can you tell us three random facts about yourself?
Three? I’ll have to have a think about that! Actually, I have big nostrils! Would you like to see?

Haha, sure!
That’s definitely an interesting thing about me haha!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received ?
Take everything as it comes to be honest!

That’s good advice! – Thanks for chatting to us Dylan!

Corey Baptiste at FM and Edward Wilding at Storm

What shows have you guys walked for this season?
E: We both just came out of Sibling.
C: We’ve done Christopher Raeburn, Saville Row, James Long
E: He’s done loads more than me this time!
C: Erm… what else, Hardy Amies, John Smedly.

What’s been your favourite so far?
E: Mine 's got to be Christopher Raeburn.

Why is that?
E: Because I had a big massive fur coat on – it’s all over the newspapers!

What about you Corey?
Hackett, because I was the first black guy to walk for them.

That’s cool! Are you boys off to Milan then later?
C: No, I’m going to Germany.

What you doing out there?
C: Hugo Boss
E: He is earning money while the rest of us are traipsing round cities! I’m going to Milan later.

Where are you guys from?
C: New York
E: Manchester

What’s your favourite thing about modeling?
C: (shouts and asks a friend, they shrug) I really don’t know!

Elliot at Supa Models

What other shows have you done apart from Burberry this week?
Kit Neale, ah, I have no memory. I’m a bit tired haha!

Ah, it's ok, don’t worry! You going to Paris and Milan?
Yeah, I’m hoping to do Louis Vuitton again, I walked for them last season.

How long have you been modeling for?
Just a year and a half.

You like it?
Yeah, it’s pretty nice!

Best thing about it?
Meeting people and travelling. Always meeting new people is really nice.

Where abouts are you from?
I’m from France in Leon.

Ah, Leon is so beautiful!
Yeah, its small but nice!

Troy Copeland at AMCK Models

What shows are you walking for this week, Troy?
Astrid Andersen, we had to wear these like long wigs and weaves and things. Today I’m doing Sibling and I’ve got Nasir Mazhar later as well.

Which has been your favourite?
It has to be Astrid Andersen, just for the fact that they put us all in wigs! The backstage banter was so crazy!

What’s your favourite thing about modeling?
That it's quick. I work as a sales assistant and obviously shifts are long, modeling is quick and it's well paid.

Are you from London?
Yeah, South East.

How did you get into modeling?
Well my brother got scouted and then on my 18th birthday he took me out and we randomly bumped into his booker, and then he was like ‘ why have you not bought your brother in before?!’ and then I got signed up by the end of the next week.

That’s so cool! How long have you been modeling?
Just over a year now.

You going to Milan later?
No, I've got school to be going to! I go to sixth form in New Cross.

What do you study?
I’m doing a BTEC sport at the moment but I’ve already done my A-levels in economics and phycology last year.

Taylor Cowan at FM Models

Hey Taylor nice accent, where are you from?
I’m from the states, I’m from Seattle.

Oh cool, where do you live?
I live in New York now, but I travel a lot.

How long are you in London for?
Till the 14th- two weeks total, then I’m jetting over to Milan.

What shows you doing out there?
I don’t know yet, last season I did Dior and Valentino, but you just never know until your out there. They change each season, you can go there and do a bunch of shows or go there and do zero shows!

So what shows have you done here in London?
I just came over from Pringle and I’ve got the KTZ casting now, that’s it so far.

What is your favorite thing about modeling?
Probably just the traveling – last year I got to go to 10 different countries in one year. I get to spend a lot of time in Japan. And you meet a lot of cool people from all over the world. Its hard to complain!

What to you miss most about being away from the states?
The soda, Dr Pepper.

We have Dr Pepper here!
Its kind of an abomination of Dr Pepper though, its totally not real Dr Pepper!

So is this your first time in London?
Yeah first time! I like it, its really cool. I’ve done 6 fashion weeks but this is my first time in London, so when I think of Europe I don’t think of people being able to speak English so this is nice!

Done anything really British since you have been here?
Well today is the last day of shows, so I think I’m going to go and do the whole English pub experience. And like go see London Bridge, that kinda stuff.

You should go to an eel and pie shop.
Eel and pie?! Ew!

Yeah its very British!

Jordan Matheson at Elite Models

Hi Jordan! How are you?
I’m good!

Tell us a bit more about yourself?
Well I’m Jordan Matheson, but actually not many people know that. My nickname is Flash Jordan! But my agency use my real name.

Flash Jordan’s an interesting nickname!
Yeah, haha - it’s kind of stuck with me!

Haha! How have the shows been so far?
This is actually my first one! And I’ve got one more later.

Milan and Paris?
Yeah, I’m just waiting to find out about them!

What are your passions besides modelling?
I’m a dancer - I did it for two years before I became a model.

What dance do you do?
I do break dance!

That’s pretty cool!
Yeah, I work with a dance company doing performances.

And how was your Christmas?
It was good thank you, I was in Geneva! It was interesting, and nice to be somewhere else.

Can you tell us three random facts about yourself?
Three random facts… I have strange feet. It makes it tricky finding shoes, haha.

What’s the best advice someone’s ever given you?
If you don’ t enjoy what you do in life, then you’re either not doing it right or you need to find something else to do! That's the only problem with anything you do - it’s not what you do, but the way you look at it.

That’s good advice!
Yeah, if you are maybe doing a job you don’t like to do or you don’t know what to go into in the future, like, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be happy - it’s just the way you look at things. So I found if you generally look at something positively, then you’re going to really enjoy what you’re doing.

Fenn Sean at Select Models

Hi Shaun, tell us a bit more about yourself!
I’m Fenn (well in long, Shaun Thomas Fenn) and I’m with Select Models.

How have the shows been so far?
Good - I’ve done a few. I got to be in a fishtank yesterday in Saville Row - taking the mick out of Dermot O’Leary haha!

What do you get up to besides modelling?
I read, and I potter!

You read Harry Potter?
No I read and I potter about haha. That’s not even literature, haha, it’s like Derren Brown - he writes his books backwards!

Can you tell me three random facts about yourself?
I’m wearing blue, I have eyebrows and I’m not awake yet, haha.

Josh Bartley at Nevs Models

How long have you been modeling for?
About six months now

And are you enjoying it?
Yeah I love it!

What’s the best part about it?
Most people don’t like the castings, but you're competing against a wide range of boys so if you get the job you know you have outshined everyone else! It's an achievement every time.

Who have you walked for so far this week?
Just did Sibling. Yesterday I did Kay Kwok and later I’ve got Nasir Mazhar.

Where are you from?

Do you still live there?
I live in London, I went home for Christmas but I’m back now.

What was the best part of Christmas?
Seeing my two brothers.

How old are they?
25 and 17.

Jeroen Smits at Elite Models

What shows have you walked for so far this week?
I did Topman, Burberry and Richard Nichol.

Have a favourite?
Burberry, it’s the biggest one. It was my first time doing Burberry.

You off to Milan this evening?

Who would you most like to walk for?
My favourite is Gucci, I did it before and I want to do it again.

Where are you from?
Holland! I live in Amsterdam!

What do you miss most about Holland?
When you get home, everything is done for you, you don’t have to cook or do your own dishes.

Merlin Watts at Supa Models

What shows have you walked for so far this week?
Just Burberry.

How’d you find it?
It was really good fun, this is my second season, but I’m half way through my exams at the moment.

What do you study?
Medicine in Manchester, I’m in my second year.

Have you just popped down for this show then?
Yeah heading back this evening, back to the library! Walking for Burberry was a nice little break.

Say you didn’t have to go back to the library, who would you want to walk for?
Probably Prada again. I walked for those guys last season, it was really good fun!

What’s so good about them?
Its just one of the biggest most iconic brands that there is out there. It's Prada, it’s the pinnacle of fashion! It's great fun!

You don’t have a Mancunian accent, I’m guessing your not from there?
I’m from Cornwall originally, north Cornwall, Weybridge kind of area.

Matthew Bell at Elite, Sebastian Rice at Models 1 and Jack Chambers at Elite

How much fun was it walking for Burberry?
M: (opens his arms) THAT much!
S: Always a pleasure!
J: Its always a good show - but we have to go now we're all jetting to Milan!

Ok have fun boys!

We want to also say thank you to for providing us with our awesome T-shirts!

Photography by Paola Vivas.
Interviews by Cleo Glover.

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