The Boys Of LCM AW14: Day 2

8 January 2014

What do you get when you put a dash of style, some fabulous cheekbones and several jars of hair gel all into one? London Collections: Men of course! Day 1 went a bit like this.

Once again greeted with the joys of the rainy Britsh winter weather, we still couldn't be stopped heading out to catch up with the boys of Tuesday's LCM shows to see how the week has been treating them. All in traditional Boys by Girls style, don't you know. We spot the hottest boys, take their picture and ask them some intriguing questions, and we have ourselves something exciting to share with you guys.

But the drizzle couldn't stop us getting pumped up for shows such as Margaret Howell, YMC, Richard James and James Long, and it wasnt long until we started to spot some of our favourite boys outside the shows.

Tom Webb at Nevs Models

Hi Tom, how have you been?
Busy, but good. Very good actually.

And how have the shows been so far?
This season? Or all of them?!

We’ll go with this season.
Just started in London on Monday, just done James Long and one yesterday and one more today! So that’s three so far!

What are you passions besides modelling?
I’ve been flying around to silly little places and been really busy. My hobby is running around cities and not knowing where I am! haha

Is London your favourite place to be?
I call London home, so it’s the best place to be. But in terms of visuals, I love Paris!

Beats the rain.
It’s the same sort of weather most of the time, haha. But it has nice buildings and nicer food!

Can you tell me 3 random facts about yourself?
What can I say? I’m not that random ha ha. I’ve got massive feet and I like dogs, haha. Oh and I swim too!

Jacob Scott at FM London

Hey Jacob, lovely to see you again! How is LCM treating you so far?
I did a show yesterday and I’ve been super busy with fittings, and then there’s a couple more today and a few tomorrow!

That sounds fun!
And I’m off to FM on Friday for an exclusive, it’s going to be really good!

Oh wow! And what have you been up to besides modelling?
I love music – I play the bass so I have been doing that recently. I really love any form of art. I listen to any type of music , so I love it, yeah, I really love it!

And lastly- surprise us with three facts about yourself!
I’ve lived in Texas for five years!

Yeah, it’s a little bit strange haha.

Not at all!
I’ve also had blonde hair for most of my life, but now it’s going a brown colour. When I was younger I had loads of blonde hair and there’s my cute little elf ear, haha! You can’t always see it but I have a strange little elf ear. People either hate it or love it, but I love it!

It’s definitely elfin like!
It’s got hairspray all over it now though! It feel strange, like an old persons ear.

And one last thing - what do you love about being here?
The weather! No, I’m joking!

It’s a bit rainy.
I do love the history though! Like, you walk down all these streets and hundreds of years ago so much stuff was happening! Compared to New York as well- that’s not been around as long. It’s really amazing- although it’s impossible to navigate around I’ll tell you that!

Alex Dunstan at Select Models & Charlie Timms at Premier Models
What shows did you guys just walk?
Both: Richard James!
Are you doing anymore today
Alex: Yes
Charlie: I've got one or two tomorrow...
Alex: I'm doing Superdry in a bit. Should be interesting!
Are you guys going to Paris or Milan?
Charlie: Yeah, Milan
Alex: I'm taking a bit of a sabbatical
Are either of you busy with uni work?
Charlie: I just graduated from Exeter which is really nice because juggling both modelling and studying is hard.
What did you study?
Charlie: Geography and film
That's a bit different, isn't it?
Charlie: Yeah, it's tough doing both. Loads of the guys Alex: Did a bit of geographical filming?
Charlie: Haha nah
How about you, Alex?
Alex: Well, I was dragged from my mother's bosom at 17… haha no, I was at college and then I started working, and then modelling.
What do you guys get up to when you're not modelling?
Charlie: I do a lot of art, and right now I'm looking for some kind of long-term thing like. It's always good to have some sort of back-up plan.
Alex: I have two dogs who take up a lot of my time but yeah, in this job you work too much to commit to any so you end up with quite a lot of eccentric hobbies. Like I do a bit of martial arts and some rock-climbing.
That sounds really adventurous!
Alex: Yeah, haha, I like to do lots of really active things. I'm always outdoors with my dogs in the woods and stuff…
What type of dogs are they?
Alex: I've got a Brittany spaniel and as a result of an ex-girlfriend I have a Cavapoo which is a tiny fluffy thing
Charlie: I love how you're opening question was about the shows and now we're talking about tiny dogs
It's the Boys by Girls way Charlie haha. Okay last question - what is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
Alex: Wrap up
Charlie: Stay in school! That's what I did.
That was inspring. Cheers guys!

Jorrit Bernsden at FM London

Hi Jorrit, how have you been!
Very good! How’s the little kitten at Boys By Girls?

You mean Tilly?
Yes, Tilly! And the sofa there is amazing too!

It sure is! How has LCM been for you so far?
It’s going great so far! I am doing something later in Saville Row, and tomorrow I don’t know yet! But I’m going for a coffee first.

Coffee is a must!
I’ll find good coffee somewhere haha.

I’m sure you will! Do you have any passions outside of modelling?
Passions? Wow that’s deep! I like being passionate about things!

That’s good, so do we!
I do a lot of sports! And I like travelling, so this job is kind of great! And I really like spending a lot of time with my family, and friends too. Just like chilling and hanging out. Oh and when it’s summer, I like going to the beach a lot!

Tell me three funny facts about yourself.
OK! I’m tall, and I’m a generally happy person and I have amazing support for this job!

And how about if you had a superpower, what would it be!
X-ray vision, haha. No It would be really cool to fly!

James at FM Models
What shows have you done today?
I've just finished the Richard James show… and I have two fittings later on.
Any shows tomorrow?
Just Pringle and KTZ for tomorrow!
Cool, are you doing Milan and Paris?
Yeah, I'm flying out to Milan tomorrow and then Paris after that…
Is that an Australian accent?
Haha yeah, I'm from Sydney.
I thought so… anyway how have you been since you shot with Cecilie?
I've been well, y'know. I went back to Sydney for a bit and did lots of work there then I went over to New York where me and my girlfriend live and did shows, and just hung out. Then I did a shoot for Louis Vuitton in Arizona and that was a lot of fun.
That sounds so amazing! Do you have any plans for after Milan and Paris?
Everything is sort of up in the air right now but I might go back to uni this year and study biochemistry. Depends on what happens.
Cool, what did you get up to over Christmas and the New Year?
Christmas I was in Spain with my family, they flew all the way to Australia to be there with me which was cool of them. Then we hit up Barcelona for the New Year.
I am so jealous! You definitely like to travel…
Yeah, I don't really have a base, I'm very nomadic. I'm always travelling around.
Sounds like it! What are your other passions?
Yeah, definitely science but I also like musical theatre, drawing and I play guitar.
Amazing, thank you for chatting with us!
No problem, say hi to everyone at Boys by Girls for me!
Ysham Jackson at AMCK
What shows have you done so far today?
I just finished at Richard James.
Are you on your way to more?
No, actually, I'm going to meet my mum.
Aw! We won't keep you long then - what do you do besides modelling?
Well, I'm a personal trainer as well. I do a lot of boxing and yeah, and stuff too.

Gregory Edwin-Franks at Tomorrow Is Another Day

What shows have you done this LCM?
YMC today and Sibling tomorrow.

And are you going to Paris or Milan?
Yeah, Paris, hopefully Milan!

So who have you done castings with in Milan?
(pronounces some really non- understandable Italian and puts on a rather hilariously bad Italian accent)

Hmm, maybe we could try and google that?!
Yeah I cant remember, one of those Italian ones!

So what are you most looking forward to this week?

Yeah, like creating contacts, I study menswear!

Ok so this is pretty perfect for you then, is this your first season?
Yeah, it really couldn’t be better, the hand came and I grabbed it!

Do you design menswear then I guess?
Yeah, at LCF.

Oh nice! Well good luck with it all!

Photography by Sophie Mayanne & Sara Gilmer.
Interviews by Sara Gilmer & Cleo Glover.
Words by Cleo Glover.

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