The Book of Happiness for Issue 15

10 October 2019

Photographer Cecilie Harris
Fashion Nathan Henry
Grooming Masayoshi Fujita
Poem Daniel Grimston
Producer Myra Gonzalez
Photography Assistant Georgie Fenny
Fashion Assistant Robbie Henry
Models Farhan Alam at SUPA Model Management and Tim Gienke
In collaboration with Ace & Tate

Try to hold it in your hands
and watch it slip away
like water from your palms -
too fast, too free for stasis.

This is possibly one of my favourite stories in our AW19 print issue because it is right at the core of the theme Glede. In addition to being a stunning visual tale of two boys, Farhan and Tim, escaping the city to a place of calm - it is also a handbook on how to look at happiness.

As I mention in my Editor's letter for this issue, happiness can be a complex affair, yet perhaps it's more simple than we think. This is explored throughout the issue, yet it is also beautifully summarised in this editorial, The Book of Happiness - and includes a stunning poem by one of our wonderful poets and BBG writers, Daniel Grimston, who I knew would be able to put into words what was on my mind around this topic so much better than I could. Ten verses looking at different aspects of glede.

And it’s the closest that we’ll ever get.
Every moment of our life’s like this:
our happiness as weak as water drops,
slipping through fingers
we can hardly control. I like it.

Collaborating with Ace & Tate on this story seemed like the perfect fit this season, as they explored a very similar theme around balance. And our happiness exploration is all about balance. This editorial reminds us that part of our happiness comes from finding the right balance; like spending time in nature, taking a break from the busy city, being offline versus online, friendships versus solitude.

Step into the complete Book of Happiness in our brand new Autumn Winter '19 issue Glede, now available to buy online and in select stores worldwide.

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